If your Severn vehicle has seen the worst side of the snow storm our Auto Body Shop can help.  Perhaps a well meaning trip created a little fender bender, scratch or dent.  We can help to clean that up with our award winning body shop paint, bumper and final coat services.  Getting those repairs done quickly will help to keep corrosion out.  With the snow slush and ice mix splashing up and onto your car or truck corrosion on bare metal can happen quicker than most people think.  What can be a simple repair can turn into long lasting and spreading rust.  We have helped so many from Severn Maryland and we can help you too.  We were voted best of West County and we’re ready to bring that level of service to your automotive needs as well.

Best Body Shop Award Anne Arundel County

With the pot holes growing in size and number in Severn, you might need an alignment.  We hope that everyone steers clear of those nasty wheel bending holes but some are covered with water or snow.  Leave a little extra room in front of you to see those holes and be able to avoid them.  However, if you do hit one and notice that your car is pulling to the side of the road coming in quickly for an alignment can save a lot of money in tires.  Our computerized, highly precise alignment system can bring your car back into alignment and get more miles out of those tires as well as a more comfortable commute.  Traffic is annoying enough in Severn at rush hour, the last thing you want is to “fight” the steering wheel to stay straight on the road.

Severn Car Auto Body Repairs

If you slid off the road a little, had a little collision or a major accident we can help.  We start with a Free Estimate so you can get to know us.  We have the years of experience to work with your Severn auto insurance company and get a great finished product for you and your family.  If you have a Severn car that needs auto body repairs give us a call. 410-987-9493