Will we get significant snow in Severn, MD this weekend?  Our auto body shop will be working hard to get auto body repairs in shape before the road treatments sit on your car or truck.  Scratched, dinged and dented cars can allow the harsh winter weather and road debris to further damage your car.  When auto body repairs like paint and finish is put off the exposed area can be further damaged.

Perhaps the most impacted are electrical repairs which may not be detected at first glance by a car owner.  Electrical damage can have a large impact on your car or truck’s dependability.  We take for granted that our Severn Maryland car will start up every time.  During an accident incredible forces can be put on your vehicle. This can jar loose electrical parts as well as wiring and computerized sensors.  We can work with your auto insurance company to get your car back to you.

Severn MD Car Painting

Accidents go up during the rough snowy weather.  We encourage everyone to stay in and stay comfortable knowing that your vehicle is in good working order.  If you do slide a little off the road, have a fender bender or a full collision we can help with our professional, personal auto body services.   Sometimes all that is needed is an alignment after a little slide or impact with a pothole, curb or other simple object.  Snow can “hide” these objects making it hard to avoid them.  We’re ready to bring our experienced, environmentally responsible body shop services to your Severn Maryland vehicle’s needs.  Make your appointment and get your Free Estimate today, 410-987-9493