Our local areas of Severn and Millersville has a lot of commuting and fun events.  Sometimes accidents happen which are almost impossible to avoid.  More distracted driving accidents are happening and cars need repaired afterward.  Auto body repairs and work like scratches, dings, dents, bumpers and more can all be taken care of with quality results.  More involved repairs after a full collision often include an alignment, paint, electronics, lights and these call for experience and care.  Our staff of experienced auto body shop folks includes I-CAR trained technicians.

Getting Hoods, Trunks and Doors to Function Properly after an Accident

Severn Millersville Body Shop

Sure we all want a great looking paint job after an accident but we also want functionality.  Car doors, hood, trunk and windows all need to work properly when a repair is complete.  Getting the vehicle back into alignment takes experience.  Tires and wheels can last longer and perform better when in proper alignment.  When out of alignment tires wear too soon and are costly to replace.  Windows need to roll up, and roll down to keep elements like wind and rain out.  Whether electronic or mechanical windows and doors should work smoothly once again.  Our auto body shop has a great track record winning awards and serving Millersville, Severn and all of central Maryland.

Car Door repair after an accident in Severn or Millersville MD

From the bumper to bumper we look forward to helping you with high quality auto body repairs for Millersville and Severn, Maryland.  If you’ve had an accident you have the right to choose where you want to take your vehicle, not your car insurance agency.  We have the decades of experience to bring you great results and great quality.  Give us a call and schedule your Free Estimate appointment.  See our awards and speak with our locally owned and operated group.  Be Safe and enjoy a great looking and driving vehicle in Severn and Millersville MD. 410-987-9493