The cold, single digit temperatures of this winter are testing auto body shops for Severn car repairs.  Cold temps will cause water to expand and put pressure on your Severn car.  When repairs are put off after an accident the wait can be costly.  Getting your car repaired as soon as possible after an accident on Severn, Millersville or all central Maryland can help to save money.  Wiring can corrode with the winter conditions and road treatments.  Slush being sprayed up on cars can get into places that water and salty mixes rarely get during the summer.  That combination can mean that electronics stop working properly.  Having an expensive repair when a simple fix could save money is a costly risk.


Severn Car Auto body shop Millersville, MD

Being locally owned and operated we know the Severn roads, restaurants and schools first hand.  We see cars repair properly after an accident and take pride in our work and reputation.  It is a good feeling to be a good neighbor and do the right thing.  Auto body shop repairs for Severn cars are no different.  It’s a good job to help people after an accident.  Getting the most value out of your car insurance coverage is important.  We can help with decades of experience in dealing with car insurance companies.  The right car paint, body work, bumper and glass repair and replacement after a minor or major collision in Severn or across the county in Millersville Maryland will make a difference in the long lasting results.  We’re here for the long run.  You can count on us for award winning work whether you have a new car or the trusted family workhorse.  Give us a call, schedule online or stop by and make an appointment for a Free Estimate on Auto Body work for your Severn car. 410-987-9493