Severn is in the middle of a cold week and we are seeing cars at our auto body shop.  Icy roads and snow are making for a rough commute.  In and around Severn, MD cars are benefiting from repairs to bumpers after a fender bender and perhaps a head or tail light.  Electronics are more important than ever with auto body repairs for your Severn car.  More computerized parts means more training and experience to keep your car looking and running great.  We can help with our I-CAR trained technicians. 


Severn Auto Body Shops

From prep, paint and finishing coats it’s important to have quality in body work.  Severn will continue to have cold temps throughout the winter and your car needs to be ready.  After an accident it may be tempting to put off “minor” repairs.  However this cold and heavy winds combined with driving speeds can make for brittle parts which break off and can do more damage.  That broken part may fly off and impact your car or another driver’s car, causing more damage and having to deal with the insurance company twice.

Auto Body Shop Light Repairs for Severn, MD

Timely auto body repair for your Severn car is also important for the lights and electronics.  When lights stop working after an accident it is important to have them repairs so you can see clearly and others can see you.  Nobody likes getting pulled over and a repair ticket for a head or tail light being out.  Give us a call and we can help with all your auto body shop needs for your Severn car, truck, SUV, van or just about any vehicle with award winning results.  Make a call for your free estimate appointment 410-987-9493