Snow across Severn has minor accidents coming into our auto body shop.   A few sliding off the road will need a little bumper repair and perhaps a little car painting.  Bumpers have come a long way from their beginnings.  What used to be heavy steel with a little chrome has now become incredibly lighter.  Materials have changed as well.  However in many cases performance has increased.  Electronics, wiring, sensors and computers have all helped to allow airbags to keep us all a bit safer.  If your car’s bumper has had an impact with the latest snow in Severn we can help to solve those issues with our I-CAR certified training technicians.

Severn Auto Body Services


Snow has covered the Severn roads once again this winter, drive carefully and leave a little extra space for stopping safely.  If you’ve been in an accident or simply slid off the road we can help with auto body shop services like, paint, bumpers, electronics, alignments and the final coat.  Allow our award winning shop to bring you the high quality body work that your car deserves.  Dealing with your car insurance company can go smoother with our decades of experience in body work.  From the first phone call to the final hand shake we’re ready to help, including a Free Estimate.  Give us a call, make an appointment online or stop by and get to know us.  410-987-9493