Driving around Severn Maryland auto body shop needs are apparent.  A day hardly goes by when the news does not have a report of an accident, backup or traffic jam.  Our auto body shop helps bring back many of those Severn Maryland cars to a great condition.  Getting your car or truck back in shape and on the road means you can get back to work.  If you have a work truck you know the importance of a good looking and well operating fleet.  It represents your Severn business and image is important.  Clean, nice looking vehicles often means that a company cares about their customers as well.


Severn Auto Body Repairs

If your Severn auto body repair need is for your family car we can help with that as well.  Being locals we know what it feels like to be “down a car” for a time.  If can be frustrating so we work hard to get your vehicle back in great shape in a short amount of time.  Quality matters so we balance that time with the standard of a good repair.  With decades of experience in dents, scratches, bumper, electronics, lights, lenses, prep, primer and paint we know how to get it done.  I-CAR training and re-investing in new equipment has helped us to provide higher quality auto body services for Severn drivers.  Whether it’s a fender bender, deer collision or car collision we can help you.  Travelling for the holiday season sometimes means being out of town and in need of a body shop after a Odenton collision.  We know the feeling and we can help starting up the process with a Friendly Staff and Free Estimate (410) 987-9493.