Severn, Maryland can see some traffic and that can lead to a need for auto body shop services.  From the simple scratch and dent after a fender bender to a full collision we are the auto body shop to call on for trusted services.  We’ve been around, successful and growing for a long time.  That success comes from treating everyone fairly, like we want to be treated.  After an accident car repairs may be needed but it’s still a stressful time.   Our ability to get the ball rolling quickly with quality services has helped many in Severn, Maryland.


Severn Maryland Auto Boy Shops

This time of year the winter weather can make the roads slick and accidents happen.  After riding off the road surface you may only need an alignment and a little paint touch up.  We can help with these at our body shop.  When you are looking for a body shop who can deal with your insurance company and keep your best interests in mind give our staff a call.  We know the importance of personal service.  We are locals and we share those same Severn roads with you and our families.  Treating people right is important to us.  It’s allowed us to expand and hire more local talent to train with I-CAR standards and bring you robust service.  If you have need of an auto body shop for your Severn automobile after an accident give us a call.  We’ll get started off with a Free Estimate 410-987-9493.

Don’t let the winter weather get here and road treatment damage your Severn car further with corrosive chemicals.  That rust and electronic failures doesn’t have to be an issue.  Make an appointment and get on the right track to repairs, saving money and tacking the issues with a trusted auto body shop.