Bumpers Paint and glass are all common auto body repairs in Severn and Millersville, Maryland.  This time of year makes for more people on the road, more traffic and unfortunately accidents.  Most accidents in Severn and Millersville are minor and can be handled easily.  However, sometimes body work is needed after an accident.  That’s where we come in.  We bring 5 star reviews level care and results.  Being locally owned and operated we know the strength of great service and body work.

Millersville, Severn Auto Body Shop

Perhaps you’ve been rear-ended and need trusted auto body repairs for your tail lights, turn signals, bumper, paint, trunk, doors or an alignment in Severn or Millersville, MD.  Not to worry have the experience, dealing with insurance companies and dealing with great customers.  We strive to build a personal relationship with professional results.  The last thing you want after an accident is a hard time dealing with your insurance coverage.  We can help to get you the great auto body repair that’s needed after an accident.  We can also help with body work that doesn’t involve an accident.  If the paint is scratched, chipped, sun damaged or other cause we can bring our environmental responsible body work.  Car painting in Severn, Odenton and Millersville can be award winning, functional and affordable.

Keeping your car or truck looking great, making a great first impression and protected is right in our wheelhouse.  Give a call for trusted, dependable auto body repairs with award winning results.  Free Estimates at (410) 987-9493.