We get to see a plethora of auto body work in Severn and Millersville, Maryland.  Most of those involve a bumper in some way or another.  Bumpers are there to protect us and take a portion of the initial impact.  New engineering techniques and materials are making bumpers lighter while helping to absorb energy.  While accidents are horrible no matter what it can be relieving to have the least damage possible.  There are many good things about bumpers for accidents.

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Keeping us a little safer with a properly installed and working car bumper is a great advantage.  When bumpers are not repaired accurately or when body work is put off all together electrical damage can go on and car components not work properly.  Air bags, sensors and computerized parts of our cars are there to help keep us a little safer and see the roads a little more easily.  You’ll most likely save money getting that bumper fixed properly, as soon as possible.  All the while keeping your family a little safer and looking better as you drive around our roads in Severn, Millersville and Odenton, MD.


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Bumper repairs can help with gas mileage and aerodynamics.  They are the first piece of the vehicle which hits the air and engineers depend on their shape to start the air flow properly.  Save on gas mileage as well when you keep your bumper in good condition.  Looking good is not as important as your safety but a good impression is a good thing.  If your vehicle is used for work or simply a good impression for those who you first meet a car without damage says a lot about the attention to detail and safety of the driver and family.  Loose bumpers can work their way free and “slap” against the rest of the car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle in Severn.  This makes for more damage to other parts of the car.  Worse than that electrical wiring – which was fine, can then lose connection completely and turn the lights out, or worse, stop the entire vehicle from running.  Be Safe, Save money and time by keeping your bumper in good condition.  We offer a Free Estimate for your auto body work in Odenton, Millersville and Severn, MD. 410-987-9493