Showers and thunderstorms have accidents and auto body repairs on the rise in Odenton and Millersville, MD.  Being a local body shop with families and lifelong friends in the area and loyal customers we see some things that may help.  When a car comes into the shop from an accident in Odenton, Millersville or other local towns like Severn we see many similarities.  Often the tires are worn and the ability to grip the road in the wet conditions of Spring and early Summer is lacking.

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We can help with tires and we certainly would enjoying seeing you to put on a set of tires and an alignment rather than after an accident.  However if an accident does occur we are ready to help.  We can bring our decades of experience to your repair needs.  Award winning results and Great Google reviews are earned after years of training and building a great reputation.  An alignment can ont only help you to control your vehicle but it can also save money.  Longer tire life is a reality with precision alignments.  When a car is out of alignment tires wear quicker and become less effective.  Perhaps the most annoying part of a car out of alignment in Odenton or Millersville is the pull of the steering wheel on your hands and arms.  Driving for errands and the daily commute is taxing enough.  There is no need to make it worse with a car that has a bad alignment.

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Enjoy the spring and early summer with a car which is running and looking great.  If you are looking for a trusted auto body shop stop by.  Give us a call if you are looking for a shop that has the experience to deal with your insurance agency.  We can get started with a Free Estimate on your auto body repairs.  (410) 987-9493