Odenton Maryland is experiencing some COLD temperatures.   Auto body shop services can help your Odenton car or truck.  With single digits and high winds forecast some icing may occur and that can lead to accidents.  Even the best, most cautious driver can hit a patch of ice and need auto body repairs for their Odenton car, SUV, van, “grocery getter” or truck.  We can help you as we have helped so many in Odenton with auto body shop services.


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Cold weather can also mean less visibility when snow flies.  Make sure that your paint, bumpers and lights are working to protect you and help to avoid those accidents in Odenton.  Wipers need to be functioning well from the blades to the fluid, pumps and blades.  The cold weather can put a hurting on your wiper system and that can hurt your ability to see clearly, especially in the dawn and dusk times.

We can help with all your Odenton car, body shop needs.  If you hit a pot hole and need an alignment, we can help.  Get into a fender bender or a few scratches? We can help as a trusted auto body shop with I-CAR trained staff.  Our decades of experience and connection to the community and environment can help you and your Odenton cars and family with all your body shop needs.  Let’s get rolling with a Free Estimate 410-987-9493