High winds and winter weather have Odenton cars coming in for auto body repairs.  Between the snow plows, winter slush and pot holes we are seeing car find savings on body shop service.  Working with your car insurance is right up our alley.  We’ve been providing auto body services like body work on fenders, bumpers and car glass for decades.  Paint is one of the firs things that is noticed when a scratch or dent occurs.  Often underlying issues like wiring, electronics and alignments can be effected.


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Our experience allows us to find those things that are important and get the most from your coverage.  Having your Odenton car fixed properly is important in the long run.  Nobody wants to find out when it’s too late that a repair was not found after an accident and that coverage no longer applies.  Everyone wants great coverage, service and final results.  We can help with all your auto body shop needs.  Our I-CAR trained technicians are studying throughout their career to stay ahead of the learning levels.


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New technology, like hybrid cars are not a problem for our auto body shop repairs.  Your standard “grocery getter” and “errand runner” car is just as important as every other car as it services your family and needs around Odenton.  Give us a call, stop by or schedule your online appointment for a Free Estimate on award winning body work.   We service all of central Maryland in common local towns like Odenton and Millersville Maryland. Call today and get back your great looking car 410-987-9493