As we transition from summer to fall weather cools and Odenton body shop work often changes.  Less sunlight means more driving in the low light of dawn and dusk.  Having your headlight bulbs and lenses working well is important to seeing the road well.  If you have cracked lenses or burned out bulbs we can help.  With our decades of experience as a I-CAR professional body shop serving Millersville, Severna Park, Odenton and Severn we have seen just about every condition and know how to repair or replace body work needs.  When headlights are cracked enough for water to get in but not drain our many issues can occur.  Perhaps the worst is electrical damage when water gets into the wiring.  What would be a simple, cost effective replacement is now a more costly electrical wiring issue that may spread to other automotive components.  With today’s more complex electrical system and computerized components and sensor putting off a simple repair can become needlessly expensive.

Odenton Body shop headlight repair

We encourage all our customers to come in early and save with simple repairs.  We are here for the long term and want to be your trusted auto body shop serving Odenton needs for generations to come.  Headlight restoration may be cheaper than replacement for dull or faded lenses in most cases.  We can help with all your Odenton body work needs.  How about a Free Estimate? (410) 987-9493