One of the most common repairs needed from an Odenton auto body shop is car painting.  We have been painting cars for decades and have continuously improved our painting and finish processes.  Times have changed and so have automotive materials, paints and techniques.  With new materials there is often a need for new processes.  From the first preparation to the final coat it is important to know your materials, paint and auto body equipment.

Odenton Auto Body Shop Car Painting

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New Environmentally responsible materials, equipment, finishes and paint can make marked improvements on the final product and help our local environment.  We strive to use the best materials to bring you superior results with auto body shop work for Odenton cars, trucks, vans, SUV and all your vehicles.  From brand new models to trusted classics, muscle cars, hot rods and your “baby.”  We are locally owned and operated and we know the importance of great results to make a life long impression.  If you’ve had an accident, fender bender, deer collision or a full car collision in Odenton MD give us a call for all your auto body shop repairs.  Let’s get that Odenton car painted started with a Free Estimate. 410-987-9493