Accidents in Odenton and Millersville tend to go up in the bad weather and our auto body shop can provide stellar results.  Heavy rains in the spring and summer means more slick roads.  You can help to avoid these accidents with attentive driving and a car in good driving condition.  One of the many conditions that contributes to accidents is worn tires.  Tires without enough tread have a tough time gripping the road and shedding the water.  Instead they are easily hydroplaning and loosing control.

Best of West County Auto Body Shop 2019

best auto body shop

Thankfully most accidents are minor and can be repaired easily.  We have the decades of experience with accidents in Odenton for our auto body shop services.  Millersville also see these accidents with heavy traffic and higher speeds on route 97, route 32 and many others.  Be careful this spring and summer, avoid driving in the bad weather and shortly afterwards when roads are wet and slick.

Even the best drivers sometimes get in an accident. When that happens and work is needed after an Odenton or Millersville accident we would be glad to help.  Bringing 5 star reviews and award winning body work we can prepare, paint and finish your car, truck, SUV, van, foreign and domestic vehicles of nearly every make and model.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate on auto body shop repairs for Odenton and Millersville MD.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Best of West County 2019 – Our second year in a row.