Summer travel and a little Odenton auto body work can help make a vacation go a little smoother.  When body work is put off ad duct tape or bungee cords are relied on the vacation can be ruined with emergency repairs.  We’ve helped many with auto body while traveling through the Odenton, Millersville and Severn areas.  While we enjoy helping out it’s also nice to help prevent emergency repairs.  That’s why getting body work like paint, bumpers, glass, windows and alignments done before travel is a good thing.  If you are headed to the beach be sure to get your repairs done before traveling for a smoother trip.

Auto Body before Travel

Odenton Auto Body Work

Quality auto body work after an accident in Odenton, Millersville or Severn can help for the life of your car.  A small amount of work can help to secure bumpers, fenders, hoods and trunks.  Having a professional, trusted body shop secure your car after an accident can mean safer travel for you and the people around you.  Nobody wants a breakdown on a vacation.  Being responsible in the community of Odenton, Millersville and Severn helps us all.

Odenton Auto Body Repairs

Paint not only helps a car look good be it also protects.  Odenton weather and sun can damage unprotected materials.  Car can rust quickly when moisture and/or road treatments get to exposed untreated metal.  Wires can corrode as well, and effect expensive and integral electronics.  Getting auto body like car paint work done can save a lot of money. Give us a call for all your auto body work for Odenton, Millersville, Severn and all of central Maryland.  Have a great vacation, Safe Travels and if you need us our auto body work comes with a Free Estimate 410-987-9493