When you get into a minor accident or a full collision you deserve trusted auto body work from Severn to Millersville and beyond.  Our decades of experience with both the auto body world and the insurance companies allows us to bring 5 star review levels of results.  When you are trusting your car and repairs to us we’re ready to help with personal service.  We know the time after an accident – even a small one – can be frustrating.  We live right here and sit in traffic for work and play in Severn, Millersville, Odenton and all central Maryland.

Award winning auto body shops are well run and well equipped.  Materials that are responsible means long lasting results and a cleaner Severn and Millersville area.  Paint may be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to body work.  But the work starts well before the paint.  Contacting and interacting with insurance companies is part of our service.  We have years and years of experience in getting the most for your dollar when is comes to insurance companies.  You have a choice of where you get your auto body work. 

Severn Auto Body shop work

Finding the needed repairs after an accident can be helped with experience on your side.  Checking thoroughly for the electrical, glass windows, lights, bumpers and alignment are just the beginning of the process of quality, trusted auto body work for Severn and Millersville.  Computerized diagnosis can help to find those small but important components that need attention.  Give our family values a test drive beginning with a Free Estimate on your body work in Severn, Maryland and beyond.  410-987-9493