We cover a large area of central Maryland with award winning auto body shop repairs.  Towns like Millersville, Odenton and Severn are quite common for cars to come rolling in after an accident.  Our Decades of trusted body work allows us to offer Free Estimates and personal, 5 star reviews style service.  Our personal attention and clear communication allows you to have a smoother process on repairs.  We have the experience dealing with your car insurance company too.  This allows us to solve many issues that would be near impossible otherwise.


Odenton Body work Millersville


Being a local body shop we honor the local environment and have refined our process improvements to work with extremely “green friendly” materials and techniques.   Tail lights and headlights are common repairs needed after an impact.  These and other electronic components are vital to getting back on the road.  You want your family to be safe, driving with the lights able to illuminate the road ahead and communicate to all other drivers.  Course none of us want a ticket, or to be pulled over for a light being “out.”   This level of inconvenience can be avoided with quality auto body work and trusted repairs.


Millersville & Odenton Body Shop repairs


A little paint may also be needed after an Odenton incident.  Many cars and trucks are large and even a low speed collision can make for a rather important need for repairs.  With more and more of your vehicle’s systems being connected to electronics and computerized it’s important to go with an auto body shop from Millersville to Odenton that can bring the service your deserve.  Doors, good and trunk need to be tested after an accident.  A precision alignment, with laser accuracy can help to get things back into a good working order.

From the simple to the most complex needs for body work after an accident give us a call for a Free Estimate and the personal service that will put you at ease.  We look forward to being your trusted auto body shop. 410-987-9493