Ford cars and trucks come through our auto body shop in Millersville from Odenton and other local towns.  Odenton has many great small businesses and services that require a vehicle to make the business run.  We also see several residents of Odenton with Ford vehicles that need a little auto body work after an accident or simply sliding off the road.

Ford Repair Millersville Odenton

Ford, a domestic car manufacturer creates work vehicles that keep the rest of us running.  Construction sites will occasionally create conditions where a vehicle can easily be damaged.  While this damaged Ford truck may function properly the dented, scratched or hanging bumper give a bad first impression to new potential customers.  A clean, company vehicle creates the right impression of an organized, professional company.


Ford Mechanic Odenton Millersville

Ford trucks and cars have been around long enough to have worked out most of the major “kinks” in engineering.  Ford have models like; Focus, Mustang, Fiesta, F-150, Explorer, Ranger, Ecosport, Escape, Fusion, Expedition, Edge, Taurus and many more from the past and the newest in Hybrid technology.   We have the technology, training, equipment and experience to bring the high quality, auto body shop repairs for Odenton and Millersville.

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