After having a car accident it can be hard to decide what to do next. We recommend giving our Odenton auto body shop a call and making a collision repair appointment. Our team will put in the hard work to work for you, with your insurance company to restore your vehicle. When your car needs parts replaced it can be a nerve racking experience, no one wants a bumper or door that doesn’t quite match the original. Vehicle owners don’t want to drive a mismatched car. This is why we use parts from the original equipment manufacturer, also known as OEM, or we use OEM approved parts. We’ll do our best to have your vehicle looking like itself prior to the accident. Not only are we using parts that are safe and approved for your car, but our Odenton auto body shop also uses supplies that are safe for the environment, so you can feel especially good about bringing your vehicle into the shop. Working with a group that is environmentally conscious may not be something you look for when deciding on a car repair shop, but it’s definitely a nice bonus. We’re a knowledgeable team that is more than qualified to handle your full collision repairs and can do so in an environmentally friendly way. Who doesn’t want that? If your vehicle could use some improvements, but doesn’t require full collision restoration, then make sure to ask about our dent repair services. Whether you need help fixing a small dent or your car requires a total overhaul, make sure to visit the Trusted technicians at our Odenton auto body shop.