Odenton Car Painting is a popular auto body service this time of year.  With travel for holidays road debris can hit the car’s finish and paint and cause a dent, scratch or an accident.  All these may leave you wanting a touch up on your car’s paint.  We can help.  When running errands and shopping, as well as returning those odd gifts, your Odenton car may get nicked up from another car in the parking lot.  Those annoying dings scrapes and scratches will be removed and you’ll be looking great again after a paint job.

Odenton car paint body shops

If you have had an issue with an accident in Odenton or with your Odenton car then our auto body shop can help with the repairs.  Beginning with a Free Estimate, 410-987-9493.    We have decades of experience with car body shop repairs.  We also have that same experience with helping you get the most out of your repair when dealing with your insurance company.  We can help will all those body shop needs.  From bumpers being scratched and needing replaced to the electronics and alignments.  Body work is long lasting when the preparation is done with precision and time.  Then the process needs the same level of detail with paint and the final coat.  Give us a call or stop by for all your help with your Odenton car body shop repairs.

Enjoy the Holidays and look great again when driving to see loved ones.