If your Odenton car has need for a little body shop repairs we can help.  Often the car or truck’s bumper is the first thing damaged in an impact.  Impacts with other vehicles or even sliding off the road can scratch, dent or even remove your vehicle’s bumper.  With today’s car being more complex and computerized can than ever, your bumper plays an important part in aerodynamics, gas mileage and safety.

Odenton car bumper repair

Sensors “in” your bumper can help to detect an accident and set off your airbag.  Your bumper itself can take some of the energy from an impact.  Keeping your car looking good it not the bumpers only job.  If you’ve had an impact which has caused an issue with your bumper give us a call or stop by.  We offer free estimates on body shop work and we can help with I-CAR trained technicians.

car bumper repair Odenton MD

We have ongoing training and re-investment into body shop materials, equipment and computer analysis to serve you with precision and personal service.  Let our decades of experience go to work for your needed repairs.   From the estimate and working with the insurance company to the body work prep, paint and final coat we are ready to make your Odenton, Maryland car work for you once again.