The heat is here in Odenton and Millersville and our auto body shop is working.  The summer humidity and heat will test older car’s protective finish. Those same sun rays which are so fun at the beach – will also test the finish around an accident damaged area.

After an accident it may be tempting to put off repairs.  Save your time and money and get quality repairs after an accident. But waiting usually leads to more damage and more costs.  The sun is beating down and often damages more of the car paint and materials when not protected.  We see this with headlights which can turn “fuzzy / hazy.”   Keep your headlights and car paint looking great.

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The same principles happens to an area of the car which has had the protective finish damaged after a fender bender or major collision.  Odenton cars needing auto body shop work come in regularly to get repairs done.  Replacing the protective coat is important to keeping your investment as long as possible.

It also saves money in the long run.  When electronics are partially damaged and then left to the elements more damage occurs over time.  This damage can lead to more components.  What could have been a simple repair can turn into a damaged computerized part and become much more expensive.

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We look to bring you the highest value in repairs.  We also look for a long term relationship, bringing you trusted years of service when ever needed.  Our auto body shop is ready to help with 5 star review levels of service and award winning results.

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