Auto body shops and fender benders in Odenton, Maryland can work out the repairs.  With the spring warm weather and more sunlight everyday traffic is up.  Spring trips and enjoying friends means more time in the car and on the road. Fender benders can occur.  Even the best defensive drivers can be hit by a well meaning, inexperienced driver.  Usually these low speed Odenton fender benders can be fixed with trusted auto body shops.  We have solved the complex problems that sometimes come after an accident in Odenton.

Odenton DFender Bender Auto Body repairs

Often bumpers, lights, prep, prime, paint and a little body work is all that is needed.  We also bring the convenience of dealing with your insurance company.  Our decades of experience in auto body work means that we bring personal service that has been refined and improved every year.  Winning awards and carrying through the work that brings in 5 star reviews shows our commitment to personal, professional auto body repairs.

Odenton body work

A fender bender / accident at low speed can include the need for electronic repairs.  Today’s Odenton cars are more “wired” than ever.  Being compatible with many mobile devices, charging, apps and even cameras it can become complex.  Only a few decades ago cars were much more simple with the ability for many people to solve many issues on their own.  Today the electronics, computerized parts, sensors and wiring can make it “impossible” for a car or truck owner to repair their own vehicle with confidence.  Airbags, bumpers, sensors and environmental restrictions all need to be considered with even the slower speed fender benders.  Give us a call if your fender bender leaves you looking for auto body shop repairs for Odenton vehicles.

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