It is tempting to put off body work after a fender bender.  We see cars that need our auto body shop in Severn, Millersville and Odenton towns just to name a few.  When you put off repairs to paint, wheels, body, lights and electronics more damage can occur.  Car insurance can be finicky when you try to make a claim “to late.”  It is best to save money by getting repairs done quickly after an accident.  Car Painting can make a car look great but it also is there to protect.  Paint and protective finishing coats can help to keep metal and materials from corroding in the weather.  With the rains and heat of spring and summer in Severn and Millersville corrosion can happen in a short time.

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Another downside of waiting on repairs is the electronics.  Wiring and lights can be effected by rain and the elements when left undone.  When wiring is fixed promptly it protects the adjacent components.  Nobody wants a blown fuse, a ruined sensor or a computerized part to become damaged and need replacing.  When these “secondary” damages occur on the road it can be a real pain and costly.  Especially on the road for the summer vacation.  Don’t lose time and money to a repair that can be avoided all together. Timely auto body repairs helps everyone.

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We offer a Free Estimate on auto body repairs in Severn, Millersville and all central Maryland.  Give us a call today and we’ll get you scheduled to come in and take a look.  With our many bays and skilled I-CAR trained technicians we can do a tremendous job at getting you taken care of correctly.  We never sacrifice quality and are conscious of our local community environment.  We’re a part of the area, our families share the schools, roads and shops that you do.  Give us a call and get that free estimate scheduled today. Don’t ignore repairs and Save you Money(410) 987-9493