Do you have a used car that is in need of having a decal removed? Want to update/replace the decal currently on your vehicle? Severn auto body shop can handle your decal removal requirements. There are all types of decals – with varieties ranging from stock to aftermarket, each requiring special attention for removal. Whether the decal has seen many years of being baked on the vehicle via direct sunlight or is a newly applied decal, whether it’s a small sticker or a full body wrap, our Severn auto body shop can handle the task – no removal job is too small or too big. By design, stickers are difficult to separate from the material used to adhere the sign to the vehicle, which is why there are many important steps that the professionals at our Severn auto body shop take to ensure that the surface of your vehicle is protected when removing a decal. The experts at our shop strive to remove all traces of a decal and we work hard to earn your trust and satisfaction. After the decal removal, let us perform the extra service of scratch and dent repairs – further ensuring your car will look pristine when you pick it up! To schedule an Severn Auto Body Shop appointment, visit our website or contact us at 410-929-5971.