You may have driven around Odenton and noticed a vehicle with a loose bumper, hood or other car part.  Our Body shop can help with  those loose auto body parts.  It is tempting to skip a repair and put it off for later.  However, when that minor accident or fender bender has loosened any of your car’s body work it can lead to more, costly damage, worse gas mileage, getting a ticket and even hurting someone.

Odenton Body Shop for Loose car Parts

Odenton body shop work can help to get those loose pieces and parts back in place securely.  A bumper is there to look great, help your gas economy and help with safety.  When it is flapping in the wind it is impacting the surrounding car parts which will then need replaced or repairs with prep, body work paint and final coat finish.  Many of those extra repairs and costs can be avoided when coming in as soon as possible after an impact, accident or bump.  We have the experience to work with your car insurance company and get real results.  Decades of experience with auto body work for Odenton vehicles after an accident, I-CAR training and ongoing investment into our environmentally conscious equipment and paints means that we can bring you awesome results with personal service.


If you have an Odenton car, truck, van SUV or other vehicle and need a little body work to get those parts “tightened” back up and into place give us a call for award winning body shop results in Odenton. You can drive a little safer, get better gas mileage, save money with simple repairs and avoid a ticket. Let’s get things back where they should be starting with a Free Estimate: 410-987-9493