We are seeing a break in the freezing weather for a few days of above normal temps.  If your Odenton car needs some auto body shop work we can help.  With the heavy and thick ice the last 7 days or so you might have a ding, scratch or dent.  We can bring that great look back to your car.  Not only will a little body work, primer paint and finish help to keep you looking great it will also protect.  With harsh road treatment and salting your car or truck deserves the protective coating to help.  Keeping corrosion from starting is the first step.  Scratches and dents can lead to a larger issue and more repairs.  Give us a call early and get the ball rolling on trusted auto body shop services for your Odenton Car.

Body shop for Odenton Cars

Making your family car or company car look good once again is important to keep a good reputation.  If it’s the first time you’re being seen you want to make a great first impression.  A well running, good looking paint job can help with that first look.  Bumpers may have gotten scratched, dinged or otherwise damaged with the latest snow and ice.  Even well meaning folks can make a mistake with a snow shovel and scratch your Odenton car or truck.

Not to worry, we have the decades of experience and consistent training to bring you auto body repairs with the latest techniques, paints and materials.  Our staff knows how to deal with your Odenton car insurance company to make the process smooth.  You want the most out of your coverage, paint, alignments and bumpers and we can do it.  Give us a call and schedule your FREE Estimate Appointment today for your Odenton auto body shop repairs. 410-987-9493