Many people are getting ready for vacations from Odenton to Millersville auto body shops are busy with great looking cars.  If you are thinking of going on vacation it’s important to get the repairs needed before the trip.  A car which needs body work may have only minor “looking” damage but driving with a “hanging” part can make for real damage.  Highway speeds, winds, weather and bumps in the road can case a minor repair become a major cost.  Be Safe and enjoy your drive, vacation and loved ones.

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Being a local auto body shop serving drivers all across central Maryland towns like Severn, Millersville and Odenton.  We want the best for our customers because they are also our friends, neighbors and we share the community.  When a bumper, door, hood or piece of wiring is hanging, dangling or bouncing after an accident in Odenton it can come loose.  When that car part or piece starts to work free it often bangs against the rest of the vehicle. That causes damage to the car paint and even underlying material making for a more expensive repair to a part of the car which was not initially involved in the accident.  Eventually those loose parts will fall off. During that moment they can easily pull wiring out and cause electrical damage to your own car.  Have the peace of mind that comes with a great car.


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Perhaps those loose auto body parts will fall off and impact another driver in our local community.  We talk about community involvement and we take it quite seriously.  If that part comes off a car and impact another it’s damage that could have been avoided.  Worse case it can cause an accident.  We all share the local roads around Odenton, Severn, Millersville and beyond.  Building a stronger community will help us all.  If you are looking for a trusted, auto body shop give us a call.  We’ll schedule your Free Estimate appointment and you can get to know our 5 star Reviews and Award winning services.  410-987-9493