Holiday season is here and less daylight can mean an accident with deer or other animals.  You could be in need of auto body shop repairs for Odenton car and trucks, we can help.  Whether you are driving a classic, a new model or anything in between nobody want to be in an accident.  But if you are you want the best value for your auto body repairs.  We can bring our experience, staff, equipment and personal service to your Odenton auto body needs.

Odenton Auto body repairs

Being an auto body shop that has seen plenty of Odenton cars after deer collisions we have the experience to smooth out your needs.  We know the feeling of shock after a collision and the issues of dealing with an insurance company as well.  Deer can create a tremendous amount of damage in an instant.  Our decades of experience in the auto body shop services for Odenton allows us to deliver high value results.  Services like paint, scratches, electrical, headlights, tail lights, and even interior lights are all important to getting your car or light truck back in a short time and in great shape.  Being I-CAR trained and working in the industry for such a long time we have honed our body shop services to be environmentally friendly as well as fast and accurate.  From bumper to bumper your car can be damaged after an accident with another car, a deer or slipping off the road.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate and we’ll start the process of trusted auto body repairs Odenton cars. 410-987-9493