If you’ve hit a pot hole in Severn and need a trusted auto body shop for an alignment don’t be alarmed.  We have the decades of experience and computerized equipment to bring you a precision alignment.  Sliding off the road, minor fender bender or a full collision is something we can handle.  With the weather and blowing winds some accidents are unavoidable in Severn Maryland.

Skip the alignment all together by keeping your car’s windshield wipers in good condition can help.  We have all been in the situation where snow, rain or sleet has hit the windshield, creating a dirty mess and making it hard to see clearly.  A good set of wiper blades can make the difference.  As an auto body shop helping Severn Maryland drivers on a regular basis we know the drill.  Not only the wipers but the arms, blades and motors need to be working properly.  Wiper arms can bend, especially after a windshield had them frozen in place.  Windshield wiper fluid is important as well.  If water has been used in the summer for your wiper fluid it can be tragic damage in the single digit temperatures Severn has been seeing.  Make sure your wiper fluid is at the right strength.  Leaving a bit more space in front of your car to see clearly and avoid potholes can also help to avoid alignments.

Auto Body shop for Severn Alignments

As a family owned and operated shop we strive to bring the best value in all our auto body shop services for your Severn car or truck.  We keep up to date on the latest body work techniques with ongoing training throughout the year. Hybrid vehicles are not a problem at our shop.  We hope you never need an alignment, drive safely.  But, if you do need an alignment or any other auto body shop repairs for Severn cars or trucks give us a call.  Let’s get it fixed, starting with an appointment for a Free Estimate at  (410) 987-9493