With the last few weeks of snow, ice and freezing temperatures road plowing and road treatments have left our Odenton roads with a few pot holes.  If your car has accidentally found one of these nuisances our auto body shop can help with an alignment and more.  If you have slid off the road or had a fender bender you may also want to come visit us.  Body damage can occur, paint scratched, dents and scratches after even a minor incident.  It’s helpful to get this body work done before further damage like corrosion occurs.  Electronics can get worse as corrosion grows.  When lights and electronics start to fail it can be more of a hassle and even dangerous.

Odenton Snow Body Shop

Our Auto body shop has helped many after an accident, slide off the road or impact with a large pot hole in Odenton, Maryland.  Trusted and award winning “best of the west” is a great Pat on the Back and appreciate everyone who has come in and/or voted for us.  We strive to be the trusted source for auto body work across the Anne Arundel county.  Whether you are looking for a great paint job or simply looking to save money on Odenton auto body repairs for your bumper, lights, fenders, hood, alignment or complete repairs after an accident give us a call for an appointment and a Free Estimate 410-987-9493