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Finding the best auto body shop for repairing you Severn vehicle should not be left to chance.  Our experience of 24+ years in dealing with car insurance companies and getting the best results for your money is what has made us grow and build a stellar reputation. Severn has the traffic and congestion that means even some of the best drivers are involved in a collision.  Not to worry, we use constant process improvement and ongoing training to bring Severn auto body repairs with stunning results. We make the process easy for you to schedule, communicate and courteous. 24 hour towing and local shuttle is just the beginning of how we bring a higher level of service for all your Severn auto body repair needs. Ready for that Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Severn vehicle?  Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

21144 Zip Code Auto Body Repairs, Severn

Body shop repairs for Severn, MD in the 21144 zip code need to be high quality and trusted for long lasting results.  We all want our cars to last as long as possible and look great.  Those body shop repairs mean your vehicle is protected once again from the elements and is working as designed.  Simple, but important advantages like regaining gas mileage and looking sharp can be reason enough for quality auto body shop repairs after an accident in Severn, MD. Using environmentally responsible techniques, processes, materials and equipment can help with the quality of your car repairs and also help with the Severn environment.  I-CAR training coupled with ongoing improvements allows us to bring a smooth interaction with your car insurance company, ourselves and you the Severn, MD car owner.  As a locally owned and operated automotive shop we know the importance of being a good neighbor and a good business at the same time. Our children and extended family use the same Severn roads as you do. From bumper to bumper repairs after an accident to personal care and service we can help with your auto body needs in Severn MD.  Give us a call to get the ball rolling and get a Free Estimate.... read more

Severn Car Auto Body Shop Services

We offer auto body shop Severn Maryland services that last longer and comes with a Free Estimate.  Long lasting results in the auto body shop world comes from experience, the right equipment, materials and patient preparation.  There’s no need to hurry or rush through a repair with our I-CAR trained body shop technicians.  We take the time to prepare the car correctly with attention to detail.  Our decades of experience allows us to work efficiently and end with award winning results.   We’ve won numerous awards including; Best of West County 2018 for Anne Arundel County Maryland.  Those are nice to have but the trusted relationship with Severn car owners to come back again and again to our auto body shop is more rewarding.  When you hear someone come in the shop and say, “My neighbor recommended you…” It is about the best feeling a body shop staff could have.  We pride ourselves on “family values” and part of those values is bringing value to every body shop repair service. Car Painting Severn – Auto Body Shop Paint is one of the most visual services of a body shop but there are other services which are “underneath” but are still very important.  Being personal and friendly, working with your car insurance company and getting the “unseen” repairs like the alignment correct are all important steps that may be harder to see than a great paint job.  From Start to Finish our Severn auto body repairs are improving with decades of experience.  Give us a call and get your time saving Free Estimate on Auto body shop repairs for your... read more

Severn Body Shops Repair Fender Bender

A fender bender or minor accident can usually be fixed with simple body shop repairs for Severn, MD.  We pride ourselves on clear communication and stunning results.  That personal, trusted body shop repair work has helped us to win several awards over the years, including “Best of west Anne Arundel County.”  We get cars from all over the county and are flattered that drivers will come from a long distance, we appreciate that relationship.  Our decades of building a reputation for trusted body shop repairs has helped us and our customers. We look into process improvement on a regular basis to improve ourselves and to improve the body shop repairs we bring to Severn Maryland cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.  We know your car is more than a grocery getter, more than a way to get family around to get chores done, kids to school and even sending kids off to college.  We are locally owned and operated with family values and that helps everyone win.  We like to help repair after an accident so that Severn drivers can get back to “usual” and save money as we work well with car insurance agencies.  Our experience with bumper repairs, body prep, replacement, paint and even the final coat means your Severn body shop repairs can go smoothly, with less hassle and more personal service.  Come see us and experience the best body shop for Severn, Maryland with a Free Estimate.... read more

Body Shops Severn, MD Travel Tips

Travelling this time of year means Holiday trips and shopping, shopping, shopping – our auto body shop can help with repairs for your Severn, MD automobile.  Trips to visit with family and trips to the store can leave your car, truck, SUV, van or historic car with a ding, scratch or cracked glass from a fender bender or a car collision.  Allow our decades of experience with Severn Maryland cars to service your auto body shop needs.  With I-CAR training to keep on top of the latest techniques, materials and equipment we can bring stellar body shop repairs. What a great time of year for Severn Maryland.  Travelling to and from Severn as well as having family and friends visit from out of town can make holidays special.  Some travelling tips that have tried, tested and true can help to have everyone enjoying the holiday season a little more.  Parking in well lit spaces and stores when out shopping is a great idea.  Having an emergency medical kit in the car can be reassuring with young and older passengers. An emergency kit for getting stuck out in the snow, cold or even rain is a great idea with a blanket for warmth, kitty litter or other material for getting unstuck if having slid off the road surface, drinking water is not only convenient it can be helpful for being stuck on long traffic jams while travelling in new areas. Flares can keep you a little safer when “stuck.”  Parking in a good spot for keeping “dings” out of your side panels, door and finish is a great idea to... read more

21144 Severn, MD Body Repairs

If you are looking for a Auto Body shop near me in the 21144 zip code of Severn Maryland we can fill that need.  With plenty of great looking vehicles in the 21144 zip code we see our share of needed repairs after an accident.  Some accidents are nearly unavoidable with animals like deer around dawn and dusk.  With less sunshine in the fall and winter season there’s more “night time” for collisions with deer crossing our Severn MD roads.  Low light can be hard for all of us to see clearly and avoid those impacts which can be a need for a high quality, responsible auto body shop. This time of year the deer are moving with less leaves on the trees as they seek shelter and cover.  That can mean a collision with a deer and that can be a call to your trusted I-CAR trained automotive techs for Severn Maryland.   With deer populations rising and collisions rising as well we can bring our decades of experience to your scratches, dents, dings, fender benders and even full collisions.  Our ability to work with your automotive insurance is just one of our many strengths.  We know how to get the most value out of your car insurance claim.  With our continuous investment into new materials, techniques, training and equipment we can bring a higher value and stunning, long lasting results for body shop repairs in 21144, Severn Maryland. Let’s get to know each other with a phone call and a Free Estimate on Auto Body Shop repairs for your Severn Maryland Car, Truck, SUV van or other automobile. ... read more

Car Paint in Severn Maryland

All car paints are not created equal.  Over the years of automotive there have been a lot of improvements in car paint.  Our car painting for Severn cars, trucks and all things automotive can help you keep you looking great and be the first line of defense for your vehicle.  Over time the elements can corrode and damage raw unpainted surfaces.  When paint repairs are put off greater damage can occur.  It’s safest to get paint repairs done after an accident to keep repairs to a minimum. As most have experienced over decades of owning vehicles, car paints have increased in durability and environmental safety.  In the past automotive manufacturers have done well in most cases with painting.  It is rare but there have been some manufacturer’s car paint selections which have failed and cars of the past have rust issues.  With decades gone by, both foreign and domestic car builders have come a long way.  It is rare to have a recall from paint related issues at this point in the automotive maker’s industry. We go through I-CAR training to help with all phases of car auto body repairs.  Prep, primer, paint and even final coats need to be done properly for paint to “look and last”  With more composite parts to cars what is painted and what is “molded” may surprise Severn Drivers.  We can help with your Severn auto body needs after an accident a fender bender, impact or simply a need for a paint job.  Give us a call or stop by for help with decades of experience and personal service. Free Estimates:... read more

Severn Body Shops Repairs

Severn roads in the fall can be filled with repairs, cars, traffic jams and animals, we can help.  Part of a great body repair is personal service.  We are locally owned and operated and we know the feeling a great personal service.  Being in an accident of any degree is stressful.  Often an air bag will go off and that can be shocking as well.  Getting repairs made and dealing with insurance companies can be a tough time, we can bring trusted help. Knowing first hand that the Severn, Maryland area congestion at times we can sympathize.  We share the local roads and issues around rush hour.  This time of year can have less light during commuting, wildlife crossing the road and leaves falling.  All these can contribute to an accident.  Distracted drivers have increased accidents.  If you’ve been rear-ended you know the stress of dealing with an accident in Severn.  We can help with a trusted Free Estimate on your body shop repairs.   Be careful this time of year as we all share the Severn, Maryland roads.  If you find yourself in need of advice, repairs or a free estimate give us a call or schedule your appointment online.  We’re ready to bring trusted advice like we have for decades.  Learn about our I-CAR training and our environmentally responsible techniques, paints and procedures.  Be safe and let us know how we can help with auto body repairs for all Severn, Maryland. ... read more

Body Shop for Severn Maryland

When you’ve had an accident it can be stressful and you can be looking for a trusted body shop near me in the Severn area.  We can help with out decades of experience.  As a locally owned and operated body shop we know first hand how important trust is.  We’ve been here for a long time and we plan to be here much, much longer.  Being part of the community is important to us and our families. We see cars with dents, dings, scratches and even those after an accident and we can help with your Severn auto body repairs.  Some accidents can be small with a fender bent and light broken.  Other accidents can be more involved and need full body repairs.  We can bring our I-CAR trained technicians to match paint, align and repair.  From the first step to the last we’ve seen a lot and we can bring that experience to work with your insurance company to get you great value.  Working with local vendors and using environmentally conscious materials and processes we can bring your Severn car back into working condition that you care about. Whether it’s a planned paint fix, glass repair or insurance claim we can bring you a Free Estimate for your Severn Auto body repair needs.... read more

Severn Auto Body Work Shop

When you need help with Auto Body work Severn Maryland we’re ready to lend a hand.  After an accident the world can seem to be moving faster and pressure seems to mount.  We have the experience to help with your body work with a personal touch.  We’re local and know that this time and be stressful.  The car insurance company response can vary widely.  It seems like we’ve seen and heard it all but sometimes we’re surprised once again.  Not to worry we can work with your insurance company like we have or decades.  If you have questions after a collision in Severn, MD you can call and we’ll bring our staff of personal and professional body shop folks to get you informed and on the right track. You may be wondering about the right questions to ask and steps to take to get the most out of your auto body repairs.  We’re open to questions and hope we can answer every one of them.  We not only bring experience and highly accurate equipment to your car needs, we also bring a Free Estimate on body work.   When you are going through a tough time the last thing you want is more pressure.  We try to help with every step.  A professional, personable staff can help you get started, answer questions even in the middle of the process and end up with a great result.  We’re ready to help after a minor collision with a single pole or shopping cart or a full collision in Severn, Maryland.  Give us a call:... read more

Auto Body Severn Alignment

When you have a fender bender or a full collision and need a trusted auto body shop near Severn MD we can help.  Including computerized precision in alignments.  Some vehicles will allow for all 4 wheels to be aligned while others only 2 wheels.  As drivers and car owners we often think of body work after an accident and that is a major part of bringing a vehicle back into great performing order.  However, an alignment is also an important step.  When wheels / tires are not “pointing” in the right direction it will mean excessive wear on tires and your nerves.  When your steering wheel is tugging at your arm on a straight road with no wind there’s a good chance that it’s time for an alignment.  You can also see the uneven wear of tires, however that is often too late to save those tires it can save you time and money on the next set of tires.  You may have heard the terms “toe in” and “toe out” and become confused.  Not to worry our computerized equipment will not only find the root cause but aid in it’s correction. Getting your vehicle back into alignment can mean saving money and making your commute a little more enjoyable.  Having a car that runs and drives smoothly after an accident can help to make the process work well.  We have decades of experience with helping Severn auto body repairs.  Give us a call for a  Free Estimate! (410)... read more

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