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Finding the best auto body shop for repairing you Severn vehicle should not be left to chance.  Our experience of 24+ years in dealing with car insurance companies and getting the best results for your money is what has made us grow and build a stellar reputation. Severn has the traffic and congestion that means even some of the best drivers are involved in a collision.  Not to worry, we use constant process improvement and ongoing training to bring Severn auto body repairs with stunning results. We make the process easy for you to schedule, communicate and courteous. 24 hour towing and local shuttle is just the beginning of how we bring a higher level of service for all your Severn auto body repair needs. Ready for that Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Severn vehicle?  Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

Severn Cars Auto Body Repair Shop

Severn is in the middle of a cold week and we are seeing cars at our auto body shop.  Icy roads and snow are making for a rough commute.  In and around Severn, MD cars are benefiting from repairs to bumpers after a fender bender and perhaps a head or tail light.  Electronics are more important than ever with auto body repairs for your Severn car.  More computerized parts means more training and experience to keep your car looking and running great.  We can help with our I-CAR trained technicians.    From prep, paint and finishing coats it’s important to have quality in body work.  Severn will continue to have cold temps throughout the winter and your car needs to be ready.  After an accident it may be tempting to put off “minor” repairs.  However this cold and heavy winds combined with driving speeds can make for brittle parts which break off and can do more damage.  That broken part may fly off and impact your car or another driver’s car, causing more damage and having to deal with the insurance company twice. Auto Body Shop Light Repairs for Severn, MD Timely auto body repair for your Severn car is also important for the lights and electronics.  When lights stop working after an accident it is important to have them repairs so you can see clearly and others can see you.  Nobody likes getting pulled over and a repair ticket for a head or tail light being out.  Give us a call and we can help with all your auto body shop needs for your Severn car, truck, SUV,... read more

Severn Vehicle needs Auto Body Shop Repairs

If your Severn vehicle has seen the worst side of the snow storm our Auto Body Shop can help.  Perhaps a well meaning trip created a little fender bender, scratch or dent.  We can help to clean that up with our award winning body shop paint, bumper and final coat services.  Getting those repairs done quickly will help to keep corrosion out.  With the snow slush and ice mix splashing up and onto your car or truck corrosion on bare metal can happen quicker than most people think.  What can be a simple repair can turn into long lasting and spreading rust.  We have helped so many from Severn Maryland and we can help you too.  We were voted best of West County and we’re ready to bring that level of service to your automotive needs as well. With the pot holes growing in size and number in Severn, you might need an alignment.  We hope that everyone steers clear of those nasty wheel bending holes but some are covered with water or snow.  Leave a little extra room in front of you to see those holes and be able to avoid them.  However, if you do hit one and notice that your car is pulling to the side of the road coming in quickly for an alignment can save a lot of money in tires.  Our computerized, highly precise alignment system can bring your car back into alignment and get more miles out of those tires as well as a more comfortable commute.  Traffic is annoying enough in Severn at rush hour, the last thing you want is... read more

Severn Snowstorm and Auto Body Shop Services

We’ve had quite the swing of cold temperatures in Severn Maryland and our Auto body shop is ready to help.  If the latest snowstorm has you needing a few repairs, scratch, dent or a collision we can help with higher quality and value for your body shop needs.  It can be near impossible to avoid all collision with the snow and ice.  Roads are refreezing at night and that leaves early morning commuting with slick spots.  Even the best tires and defensive driving can’t save you from all the fender benders in Severn.  We want everyone to be safe and increase the stopping distance, we all share the same Severn roads. If you find yourself needing a little help after a fender bender, damage from a pot hole or a collision we can bring you award winning body shop service.  Our I-CAR trained technicians can bring back outstanding looks, paint and finish to have you back on the Severn roads in a short time.  Our experienced staff can help when working with your car insurance.  We’ve put in updated materials and equipment along with that training to bring you more value in all your Severn auto body services and needs.  We can get the process rolling with a Free Estimate ... read more

Severn Snow Auto Body Repairs

Will we get significant snow in Severn, MD this weekend?  Our auto body shop will be working hard to get auto body repairs in shape before the road treatments sit on your car or truck.  Scratched, dinged and dented cars can allow the harsh winter weather and road debris to further damage your car.  When auto body repairs like paint and finish is put off the exposed area can be further damaged. Perhaps the most impacted are electrical repairs which may not be detected at first glance by a car owner.  Electrical damage can have a large impact on your car or truck’s dependability.  We take for granted that our Severn Maryland car will start up every time.  During an accident incredible forces can be put on your vehicle. This can jar loose electrical parts as well as wiring and computerized sensors.  We can work with your auto insurance company to get your car back to you. Accidents go up during the rough snowy weather.  We encourage everyone to stay in and stay comfortable knowing that your vehicle is in good working order.  If you do slide a little off the road, have a fender bender or a full collision we can help with our professional, personal auto body services.   Sometimes all that is needed is an alignment after a little slide or impact with a pothole, curb or other simple object.  Snow can “hide” these objects making it hard to avoid them.  We’re ready to bring our experienced, environmentally responsible body shop services to your Severn Maryland vehicle’s needs.  Make your appointment and get your Free Estimate today,... read more

Auto Body Severn Tail Lights

All your car lights are important for safety.  Auto body shop repairs for Severn Vehicles can help with tail lights and other light which need fixed.  After an accident it is important to test your light to be sure you have the safety in place.  Driving with broken tail lights aka “brake lights” will probably get you pulled over and a possible ticket.  Even worse is the lack of safety.  When you are braking you want everyone to be alerted.  Nobody wants to be rear-ended and ruin the day.  Sometimes a bumper will save the impact from becoming worse and save your tail lights, however many accidents will damage the tail lights.  Bring your Severn car into our trusted auto body shop.     Even a simple crack will usually allow water to get into the lights.  This can cause issues with electronics and water trying to mix.  Corrosion can occur when water pools in the all the wrong places.  As an auto body shop with decades of experience we know the things to check over after an accident when it comes to light and your electronics.  Severn has many traffic jams, deer on the road and new drivers.  Having your tail lights and all your car’s lights working properly and clear lenses without cracks can help to keep you a little safer and keep from getting pulled over. Give us a call for high quality, trusted auto body shop services for your Severn Maryland vehicle. Free Estimates on Auto Body Work... read more

Severn Car Auto Body Repairs in 21144 Zip Code

Severn, Maryland can see some traffic and that can lead to a need for auto body shop services.  From the simple scratch and dent after a fender bender to a full collision we are the auto body shop to call on for trusted services.  We’ve been around, successful and growing for a long time.  That success comes from treating everyone fairly, like we want to be treated.  After an accident car repairs may be needed but it’s still a stressful time.   Our ability to get the ball rolling quickly with quality services has helped many in Severn, Maryland.   This time of year the winter weather can make the roads slick and accidents happen.  After riding off the road surface you may only need an alignment and a little paint touch up.  We can help with these at our body shop.  When you are looking for a body shop who can deal with your insurance company and keep your best interests in mind give our staff a call.  We know the importance of personal service.  We are locals and we share those same Severn roads with you and our families.  Treating people right is important to us.  It’s allowed us to expand and hire more local talent to train with I-CAR standards and bring you robust service.  If you have need of an auto body shop for your Severn automobile after an accident give us a call.  We’ll get started off with a Free Estimate 410-987-9493. Don’t let the winter weather get here and road treatment damage your Severn car further with corrosive chemicals.  That rust and electronic failures... read more

Severn Car Auto Body Shop Repairs

Driving around Severn Maryland auto body shop needs are apparent.  A day hardly goes by when the news does not have a report of an accident, backup or traffic jam.  Our auto body shop helps bring back many of those Severn Maryland cars to a great condition.  Getting your car or truck back in shape and on the road means you can get back to work.  If you have a work truck you know the importance of a good looking and well operating fleet.  It represents your Severn business and image is important.  Clean, nice looking vehicles often means that a company cares about their customers as well.   If your Severn auto body repair need is for your family car we can help with that as well.  Being locals we know what it feels like to be “down a car” for a time.  If can be frustrating so we work hard to get your vehicle back in great shape in a short amount of time.  Quality matters so we balance that time with the standard of a good repair.  With decades of experience in dents, scratches, bumper, electronics, lights, lenses, prep, primer and paint we know how to get it done.  I-CAR training and re-investing in new equipment has helped us to provide higher quality auto body services for Severn drivers.  Whether it’s a fender bender, deer collision or car collision we can help you.  Travelling for the holiday season sometimes means being out of town and in need of a body shop after a Odenton collision.  We know the feeling and we can help starting up the... read more

Severn MD Bumpers, Paint all Your Body Shop Repairs

Severn MD has it’s share of traffic and sometimes that means accidents.  As a trusted auto body shop we can help with your Severn auto body repair needs.  For decades we’ve been serving the central Maryland area.  We are in a state of constant learning with new makes and models being released every year.  Advances in materials, computers, electronics, paint and finishes means that we can stay ahead of the learning curve. Finding environmentally friendly techniques and materials that produce even higher values with long lasting and tough exteriors is our goal.  We’ve built a great reputation and that comes from being locally owned and operated with personal values and service.   If you are looking for award winning body work with higher value in every repair give us a call.  We can deal with your car insurance company like no other.  Our decades of experience  in the automotive world we bring that experience to every estimate, every drop of paint and time we put into preparation of your car repair.  While we can’t control the deer and other animals on the roads this time of year we can help with what happens afterwards.  After you are safe and ready for help give us a call after an auto accident of any type and we’ll be happy to start the process with a friendly and free estimate for your auto body repair needs for your Severn MD car. ... read more

21144 Zip Code Auto Body Repairs, Severn

Body shop repairs for Severn, MD in the 21144 zip code need to be high quality and trusted for long lasting results.  We all want our cars to last as long as possible and look great.  Those body shop repairs mean your vehicle is protected once again from the elements and is working as designed.  Simple, but important advantages like regaining gas mileage and looking sharp can be reason enough for quality auto body shop repairs after an accident in Severn, MD. Using environmentally responsible techniques, processes, materials and equipment can help with the quality of your car repairs and also help with the Severn environment.  I-CAR training coupled with ongoing improvements allows us to bring a smooth interaction with your car insurance company, ourselves and you the Severn, MD car owner.  As a locally owned and operated automotive shop we know the importance of being a good neighbor and a good business at the same time. Our children and extended family use the same Severn roads as you do. From bumper to bumper repairs after an accident to personal care and service we can help with your auto body needs in Severn MD.  Give us a call to get the ball rolling and get a Free Estimate.... read more

Severn Car Auto Body Shop Services

We offer auto body shop Severn Maryland services that last longer and comes with a Free Estimate.  Long lasting results in the auto body shop world comes from experience, the right equipment, materials and patient preparation.  There’s no need to hurry or rush through a repair with our I-CAR trained body shop technicians.  We take the time to prepare the car correctly with attention to detail.  Our decades of experience allows us to work efficiently and end with award winning results.   We’ve won numerous awards including; Best of West County 2018 for Anne Arundel County Maryland.  Those are nice to have but the trusted relationship with Severn car owners to come back again and again to our auto body shop is more rewarding.  When you hear someone come in the shop and say, “My neighbor recommended you…” It is about the best feeling a body shop staff could have.  We pride ourselves on “family values” and part of those values is bringing value to every body shop repair service. Car Painting Severn – Auto Body Shop Paint is one of the most visual services of a body shop but there are other services which are “underneath” but are still very important.  Being personal and friendly, working with your car insurance company and getting the “unseen” repairs like the alignment correct are all important steps that may be harder to see than a great paint job.  From Start to Finish our Severn auto body repairs are improving with decades of experience.  Give us a call and get your time saving Free Estimate on Auto body shop repairs for your... read more

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