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Finding the best auto body shop for repairing you Severn vehicle should not be left to chance.  Our experience of 24+ years in dealing with car insurance companies and getting the best results for your money is what has made us grow and build a stellar reputation. Severn has the traffic and congestion that means even some of the best drivers are involved in a collision.  Not to worry, we use constant process improvement and ongoing training to bring Severn auto body repairs with stunning results. We make the process easy for you to schedule, communicate and courteous. 24 hour towing and local shuttle is just the beginning of how we bring a higher level of service for all your Severn auto body repair needs. Ready for that Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Severn vehicle?  Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

Millersville to Severn Auto Body Shop

Severn auto body repair needs often come into our Millersville auto body shop.  Driving and commuting in central Maryland often means many hours in the car in a week.  Even the best defensive drivers can be rear-ended or even make a mistake and be in an accident.  We know it’s part of life as a car driver in Millersville and Severn.  Our auto body shop is locally owned and operated.  We strive to treat everyone like family, fairly and with the respect that comes with a long standing reputation.  Standing behind our work for the long run is important for us.  Auto body repairs should last and protect your car. We have extensive experience with auto body repairs for both foreign and domestic automobiles.  From your standard family car to the rare models we can help.  We start that helping process with a Free Estimate.  That gets the ball rolling in the right direction and allows you to experience our family run staff of auto body repair experts. While many accidents are simple and can be fixed quickly and with little overall costs.  Some body shop repairs include services like alignments, bumpers, paint, fender, trunk, hood, tires, wheels and electronics.  Still some include lights to keep you safer with headlights, tail lights and “blinkers” or turn indicators.  No matter the issue we have the experience to keep you informed and get things headed in the right direction. Dealing with car insurance companies is right up our alley.  We’ve been doing it for decades and can help line up the process to reduce your workload, and who needs more stress? ... read more

Severn & Millersville Auto Body after Accidents

Our local areas of Severn and Millersville has a lot of commuting and fun events.  Sometimes accidents happen which are almost impossible to avoid.  More distracted driving accidents are happening and cars need repaired afterward.  Auto body repairs and work like scratches, dings, dents, bumpers and more can all be taken care of with quality results.  More involved repairs after a full collision often include an alignment, paint, electronics, lights and these call for experience and care.  Our staff of experienced auto body shop folks includes I-CAR trained technicians. Getting Hoods, Trunks and Doors to Function Properly after an Accident Sure we all want a great looking paint job after an accident but we also want functionality.  Car doors, hood, trunk and windows all need to work properly when a repair is complete.  Getting the vehicle back into alignment takes experience.  Tires and wheels can last longer and perform better when in proper alignment.  When out of alignment tires wear too soon and are costly to replace.  Windows need to roll up, and roll down to keep elements like wind and rain out.  Whether electronic or mechanical windows and doors should work smoothly once again.  Our auto body shop has a great track record winning awards and serving Millersville, Severn and all of central Maryland. From the bumper to bumper we look forward to helping you with high quality auto body repairs for Millersville and Severn, Maryland.  If you’ve had an accident you have the right to choose where you want to take your vehicle, not your car insurance agency.  We have the decades of experience to bring you... read more

Millersville Body Shop for Severn body work

We get a wide variety of cars and trucks from our local towns of Millersville, Severn and Odenton, Maryland.  Some need a little work after an accident with their “everyday family” car.  Others needs auto body work done on a work vehicle to make a great first impression.  Whatever the cause of your auto body work we can provide the award winning results.  Perhaps a simple fender bender or a rear end collision requiring a little bumper work.  No matter we have the experience and environmentally friendly materials and techniques to get you back on the road looking great again.   One of the details that we check into after an accident is the alignment, frame and door “fit.”  It takes a fair amount of experience to get a car or truck repaired accurately after an accident.  We’ve got decades of experience.  We put it to work for your great results. Whether that is paint, hood, door, fender, trunk or bumper we have you covered. We can also help with dealing with your insurance company.  We have a lot of experience with these as well.  We bring family style service and professional results to all our auto body work in Severn, Odenton and Millersville, Maryland.  If you are looking for an award winning, 5 star review type of shop for trusted results then give us a call.  We’ll get the ball rolling on your body work with a Free Estimate.  Give us a call and schedule yours today.  410-987-9493... read more

Severn Car Auto Body Shop – Millersville

From Severn to Millersville Maryland auto body shops are helping cars to look great again this spring season.  Severn cars need trusted repairs after an auto accident.  Making repairs of areas like bumpers, paint, primer, glass, fenders, hood, trunk and doors are quite common.  We’ve provided 5 star repairs for Severn drivers and we can do the same for you too.  Decades of training in the auto body services has provided proven results.  We also have those years of dealing with car insurance companies.  We can help you to get the repairs you deserve after an accident.  Whether it’s an accident or just a little fender bender you want a trusted auto body shop for your Severn car, truck, SUV, van or any vehicle. Company vehicles are also important to keep in great looking shape.  It makes a great first impression when your company car or truck doesn’t have a scratch, dent, broken glass or damaged bumper.  A damaged vehicle can bring the wrong impression to new potential clients and homeowners in Severn, Maryland. All your vehicles, from the family “grocery getter,” to work vehicle, to hybrid and even specialty cars we can help with award winning “Best of West County” results.   Come by and experience the family values we bring to auto body shop services like paint, bumpers, alignments and more for your Severn Maryland vehicle. Schedule your Free Estimate today (410)... read more

Severn Car Bumper, Paint and Auto Body Shops

Accidents happen in our town of Severn Maryland, auto body shops can provide the repairs like paint and bumpers in many cases.  More involved auto body shop services like frame alignments, wheel alignment doors, hood, trunk, fender, trim and side panels occasionally happen after a full collision.  No matter your needs, we can help with award winning service.  Our personal service includes helping with your car insurance company and professional service from the very first call, Free Estimate to the final handshake.  We know the importance of being a good neighbor and a good business.  We use environmentally responsible techniques and materials. After an accident in Severn, even as minor as a side view mirror repair may be the detail that needs attention.  Matching paint with accuracy and computerized details can being a vehicle back to a great looking result.  Our decades of experience has us keeping ahead of the technology curve.  Electronics and hybrid car repairs after an accident are important for long lasting results.  Hybrids and training on hybrid repairs is important.  Inverters and batteries can be a new concept but not to worry we’ve trained on the repairs of a hybrid after an accident for your Severn, Maryland vehicle. An experienced body shop will help to find even the most detailed issues after an accident for Severn cars.  Doors need to be working properly, locks, windows, side mirrors and more details.  Wiring and electronics along with the computerized sensors can be tricky for the inexperienced.  We are ready to help with award winning results.  No need to add stress after an accident.  Give us a call... read more

Severn Auto Body Repair after accident – Millersville MD

If you have been in Severn long enough you know that accidents happen.  After those accidents auto body repairs are next on the list.  We’ve been serving Severn cars and drivers for a long time.  With decades of auto body repair  services like paint, prep, primer, scratches, dents, alignments, electronics and bumpers we are your go to shop.  Bring locals we know that accidents happen and you want to be treated more than fairly after an accident.  We are driven by family style service.  We start with a Free Estimate and continue with great communication.  Dealing with your auto insurance is not a problem for us.  We’ve been doing it for decades.  You shouldn’t be steered to a shop that you don’t want to work with by anyone.  We’re open and honest about the repairs and what to expect for body work on your Severn, Maryland auto. Sometimes accidents are minor and can be driven in, other times a tow truck is needed.  Not to worry, we can help with the minor accidents to full collision repairs.  You want an experience shop after either of these.  You may thing that a “simple” repair to a bumper can be done at any shop.  With today’s computerized cars even a minor repair needs expert attention.  Attention to detail will get your repair done correctly.  Wiring, lights and sensors also need checked to ensure that a repair is complete.  An alignment after an accident is not rare.  We have the computerized equipment and tools to bring you incredible auto body repairs for your Severn vehicle.  From Severn to Odenton to Millersville, Maryland... read more

Severn Auto Body in Spring – Millersville MD

Spring is officially here and auto body services for your Severn car are ready.  If winter snow and ice created a scratch, dent or bumper issue give us a call.  We provide Free Estimates for auto body services for your Severn Car, truck, SUV, van or other auto:   410-987-9493   When it comes to auto body repairs you want a shop you can trust.  We’re locally owned and operated. We’ve been around for decades and carry that experience to bring you personal, professional body work.  Check our awards and our 5 star reviews.  We strive to the highest standards.  Being a good neighbor and being a good business can work hand in hand.  Good values works in everyone’s advantage.  From car painting to alignments you want precision.  We have that.   We also have the experience to work with your car insurance company.  Our decades of experience allow us to get the most out of your coverage and repairs.  When you have the stress of an accident you want trusted help.  Our families work, shop and live right here where you do.  After an accident give us a call. Dents and scratches can be annoying on the newest or even older vehicles.  Glass repairs and door damage can keep windows from rolling up properly.  This can lead to windows stuck down at the worst times.  When the rains of spring hit the Severn area you want your windows to work properly.  Door locks can also stop working after an accident.  Lights and electronics are also a frequently effected car system.  No matter the issue give us a call. ... read more

Severn Auto Body Work & Millersville MD

The time change has come to Severn Maryland and auto body shops are helping to bring cars and trucks back to good condition. If you have had a minor accident, fender bender or a full collision our award winning body shop repairs can serve you too. We’ve helped many Severn drivers by working with your car insurance company. Our decades of experience can be put to work for you and your Severn vehicle. Severn commuters will spend several hours in their car so it is important to have a dependable and comfortable car. Making the commute through Severn a little more bearable can be a reality. After an accident your body repairs may be as simple as a bumper or it may involve a little paint.  We can help with all your auto body needs in Severn and Millersville, Maryland. When a bumper is impacted it can be a single scratch or it can be much more.  With the amount of electronics in our modern cars sensors can send signals to computers and help us be a lot more safer with air bags and more complex automated systems.  We stay ahead of the learning curve with constant training.  Including hybrid technology for your Severn car.  Whether you have a classic or a standard vehicle we have the decades of experience to have you looking great again.  Yes, we can deal with your car insurance company, our staff has that experience as well.     We welcome all your questions on auto body repairs after an accident.  Our personal and professional care for you and your car is what has... read more

Severn Car Body Repair – Millersville

Auto Body repairs for Severn Maryland cars can be done with a Free Estimate and Award Winning results.  We’ve built the staff and processes to bring superior service when it comes to auto body repair services for your Severn car, truck, van or SUV.  We’ve been trained on the latest techniques with I-CAR and know the latest materials and techniques.  After a car accident give us a call so we can help smooth out the process.  Our decades of experience allows us to work with your car insurance company like no other. From a simple bumper repair to services after a full collision we can help you.  With the newest composite materials to our environmentally conscious processes we bring quality results.  You want, and you deserve great service and results.  Paints which work great in the Severn area as well as being responsible in the environment is now possible.  It all starts with personal care and service.  Our team knows first hand because we live right here too.  Locally owned and operated we share the roads with you. Give us a call after a car accident, fender bender or run in with a deer.  We have the experience you need.  High value for every service is what we all want.  Get great body work, paint, alignments, window and glass repairs with long lasting results.  Check out our 5 star reviews across the internet and come in to see our Awards.  Let us get acquainted with a Free Estimate for your Severn Maryland car auto bod repairs. ... read more

Severn Car’s Auto Body Shop – Millersville, MD

The cold, single digit temperatures of this winter are testing auto body shops for Severn car repairs.  Cold temps will cause water to expand and put pressure on your Severn car.  When repairs are put off after an accident the wait can be costly.  Getting your car repaired as soon as possible after an accident on Severn, Millersville or all central Maryland can help to save money.  Wiring can corrode with the winter conditions and road treatments.  Slush being sprayed up on cars can get into places that water and salty mixes rarely get during the summer.  That combination can mean that electronics stop working properly.  Having an expensive repair when a simple fix could save money is a costly risk.   Being locally owned and operated we know the Severn roads, restaurants and schools first hand.  We see cars repair properly after an accident and take pride in our work and reputation.  It is a good feeling to be a good neighbor and do the right thing.  Auto body shop repairs for Severn cars are no different.  It’s a good job to help people after an accident.  Getting the most value out of your car insurance coverage is important.  We can help with decades of experience in dealing with car insurance companies.  The right car paint, body work, bumper and glass repair and replacement after a minor or major collision in Severn or across the county in Millersville Maryland will make a difference in the long lasting results.  We’re here for the long run.  You can count on us for award winning work whether you have a new... read more

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