When you have a fender bender or a full collision and need a trusted auto body shop near Severn MD we can help.  Including computerized precision in alignments.  Some vehicles will allow for all 4 wheels to be aligned while others only 2 wheels.  As drivers and car owners we often think of body work after an accident and that is a major part of bringing a vehicle back into great performing order.  However, an alignment is also an important step.  When wheels / tires are not “pointing” in the right direction it will mean excessive wear on tires and your nerves.  When your steering wheel is tugging at your arm on a straight road with no wind there’s a good chance that it’s time for an alignment.  You can also see the uneven wear of tires, however that is often too late to save those tires it can save you time and money on the next set of tires.  You may have heard the terms “toe in” and “toe out” and become confused.  Not to worry our computerized equipment will not only find the root cause but aid in it’s correction.

Severn Auto Body Alignment

Getting your vehicle back into alignment can mean saving money and making your commute a little more enjoyable.  Having a car that runs and drives smoothly after an accident can help to make the process work well.  We have decades of experience with helping Severn auto body repairs.  Give us a call for a  Free Estimate! (410) 987-9493