This week we have seen many auto body repairs for Odenton and Millersville vehicles.  Odenton has many great areas, places to eat, work and play.  Unfortunately this also means more traffic and occasionally an accident happens.  If you’ve had an accident we can help with body work that comes from award winning “Best of West County.”  We also bring decades of experience for your auto body work after an accident.

Millersville & Severn Auto Body Service

Odenton Auto Body – Fluids

Unfortunately we’ve all seen fluids on the road after an accident in Odenton, Millersville and Severn Maryland.  We also occasionally see leaks shortly after the fact.  It’s best to get your car looked at after an accident.  We offer Free Estimates at 410-987-9493.  We always feel for the person who has had an accident and then shortly after realize that the “fender bender” was worse than first thought.  Fluids are often a telling sign.  If you have liquids dripping or pooling where you park chances are that you may need some repairs.  

Automotive fluids are designed to work very well in a wide range of temperatures.  However a lot of damage can occur in a short amount of time when they have leaked out.  You might notice a dashboard warning or emergency light in newer Odenton or Millersville vehicles.  Older cars and trucks may be a bit harder to notice, as dashboard lights like “Check Engine” have improved quite abit over the years.  Don’t ignore leaks or lights after even the most minor car accident.

We can help with all your auto body repairs in Odenton an Millersville Maryland.  Give us a call for award winning results and personal, professional service.