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Odenton auto body repairs can be convenient and come with experience.  We know you have a choice where you want to have your car repaired after a collision. We bring our decades of experience in working with car insurance companies to bring you dependable results in all your Odenton auto body repair needs.  We’ll be bringing you some typical body work on a regular basis to help you understand the quality and services of our body shop. Our processes will streamline the steps for you with easy scheduling, dealing with the insurance company for you and providing body work at high standards.  Lets get started with a Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Odenton vehicle. Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

Odenton Cars, Body Shop for the COLD

Odenton Maryland is experiencing some COLD temperatures.   Auto body shop services can help your Odenton car or truck.  With single digits and high winds forecast some icing may occur and that can lead to accidents.  Even the best, most cautious driver can hit a patch of ice and need auto body repairs for their Odenton car, SUV, van, “grocery getter” or truck.  We can help you as we have helped so many in Odenton with auto body shop services.   Cold weather can also mean less visibility when snow flies.  Make sure that your paint, bumpers and lights are working to protect you and help to avoid those accidents in Odenton.  Wipers need to be functioning well from the blades to the fluid, pumps and blades.  The cold weather can put a hurting on your wiper system and that can hurt your ability to see clearly, especially in the dawn and dusk times. We can help with all your Odenton car, body shop needs.  If you hit a pot hole and need an alignment, we can help.  Get into a fender bender or a few scratches? We can help as a trusted auto body shop with I-CAR trained staff.  Our decades of experience and connection to the community and environment can help you and your Odenton cars and family with all your body shop needs.  Let’s get rolling with a Free Estimate... read more

Body Shop Odenton Cars

We are seeing a break in the freezing weather for a few days of above normal temps.  If your Odenton car needs some auto body shop work we can help.  With the heavy and thick ice the last 7 days or so you might have a ding, scratch or dent.  We can bring that great look back to your car.  Not only will a little body work, primer paint and finish help to keep you looking great it will also protect.  With harsh road treatment and salting your car or truck deserves the protective coating to help.  Keeping corrosion from starting is the first step.  Scratches and dents can lead to a larger issue and more repairs.  Give us a call early and get the ball rolling on trusted auto body shop services for your Odenton Car. Making your family car or company car look good once again is important to keep a good reputation.  If it’s the first time you’re being seen you want to make a great first impression.  A well running, good looking paint job can help with that first look.  Bumpers may have gotten scratched, dinged or otherwise damaged with the latest snow and ice.  Even well meaning folks can make a mistake with a snow shovel and scratch your Odenton car or truck. Not to worry, we have the decades of experience and consistent training to bring you auto body repairs with the latest techniques, paints and materials.  Our staff knows how to deal with your Odenton car insurance company to make the process smooth.  You want the most out of your coverage, paint,... read more

Auto Body Shop Odenton Snow and Ice

We are open and ready to help with auto body services after the first snowfall of 2019 in Odenton Maryland.  Be safe and leave a little extra distance to the car in front of you.  Roads are still icy in the mornings and with temps above freezing in the daylight and falling below freezing overnight.  It is dangerous driving around many places in Odenton.  Slick spots are causing accidents and we can help.  Quality and higher value in every body shop repair like car painting, dent and scratch removal, bumpers and alignments are high on our list. If you’ve had an accident, fender bender or full collision in Odenton we can help with decades of experience with auto body shop services.  Snow and ice can be hard to see and avoid.  The Odenton roads are getting pot holes with road treatments, freezing water and ice along with plowing.  If you hit a pothole, or something in the road and need an alignment we can help with computerized precision. Auto Body Shop Repairs after an Odenton Accident in the Snow and Ice We invest a lot into our shop to be able to bring you great results after an accident, large or small.  Consistent training of staff, newest computerized analysis and repair equipment along with cutting edge materials and techniques for the latest in Auto body shop repairs for your Odenton car or truck.   Give us a call and see how our ability to work with your insurance company can get the most out of your coverage.  We can start with a Free Estimate on Auto body shop repairs with... read more

Auto Body Repair Odenton Winter Accidents

With winter weather predicted this weekend in Odenton MD you can count on us for auto body repairs.  Be as safe as possible by heeding the warnings to stay off the Odenton roads when snow is covering the roads.  We can help with all your car accidents body shop repairs.  We even offer a free estimate with appointment. Snow can cause minor issues as well with pot holes and hidden debris in the road.  Snowplows can drive snow into cars with surprising force.  With road treatments finish, paint and polish can be damaged.  If you have scratches and dents we can help with award winning auto body services for your Odenton Maryland car or truck. Commercial and business vehicles can look rough after an accident.  Making a great first impression with a company vehicle is important.  We can help with repairs after an accident, a fender bender, backing into another object or repairs after a full collision.  Odenton may see a little snow this weekend and we hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the beautiful scenery.  Free Estimates... read more

Auto Body Odenton Car Headlights

Our auto body shop can help replace, align and repair your Odenton car’s headlights.  January is a month with some of the least sunlight.  This means you are probably driving your family around with the headlight on to see the road and road hazards.  Whether it’s getting into work early or staying late you probably have part of your commute at dawn, dusk or darker.  Our eyes have a hard time at these times and driving at night will mean less light.  We all want as much time and safety as possible when driving Odenton, Maryland.  When a headlight is out or misaligned it can reduce the amount of time and distance you have to detect obstacles in the road.  Dull, Cloudy, Faded Odenton car Headlights can often be saved with our headlight restoration. Are you Odenton Car Headlights “fuzzy”   Animals like deer will pose an issue this time of year.  As an auto body shop we help with repairing, replacing and aligning headlights from minor accidents to full car collision repair services.  Driving in Odenton with cracked lenses on your headlights can mean that they will soon be filling with water from the elements.  Getting your headlight fixed is likely as important as any auto body shop repair.  Sure you want body work completed, you want prep, primer and paint so that your Odenton car or truck is protected as much as possible. You want all your electronics to be working properly.  Nobody wants their car to having starting issues in this cold weather.  We can help with all your auto body shop needs Odenton. Lets get... read more

Car Paint Odenton Auto Body Shop

Odenton Car Painting is a popular auto body service this time of year.  With travel for holidays road debris can hit the car’s finish and paint and cause a dent, scratch or an accident.  All these may leave you wanting a touch up on your car’s paint.  We can help.  When running errands and shopping, as well as returning those odd gifts, your Odenton car may get nicked up from another car in the parking lot.  Those annoying dings scrapes and scratches will be removed and you’ll be looking great again after a paint job. If you have had an issue with an accident in Odenton or with your Odenton car then our auto body shop can help with the repairs.  Beginning with a Free Estimate, 410-987-9493.    We have decades of experience with car body shop repairs.  We also have that same experience with helping you get the most out of your repair when dealing with your insurance company.  We can help will all those body shop needs.  From bumpers being scratched and needing replaced to the electronics and alignments.  Body work is long lasting when the preparation is done with precision and time.  Then the process needs the same level of detail with paint and the final coat.  Give us a call or stop by for all your help with your Odenton car body shop repairs. Enjoy the Holidays and look great again when driving to see loved... read more

Auto Body Shop Odenton Accident

After an accident in Odenton a body shop can bring real world results.  Accidents can be scary and shocking.  Being locally owned and operated we know this first hand.  We brings decades of experience working with insurance companies to bring our customers higher results.  We work with training through an ongoing process to keep I-CAR standards.  Learning the new techniques and materials helps to stay way ahead of the technology curve.  Odenton Maryland has a lot of great “green friendly” areas and that sometimes leads to deer on the roads this time of year.  After a deer collision a car can need several levels of attention.  Prep and Paint after a serious collision is expected. We also use the latest in environmentally friendly techniques, materials and equipment to do our part.  Being local and sharing local businesses and meeting places we know it’s important and has been since we opened.  Our kids grew up here and still live in the area.  Body shop needs like car painting are important to getting you back on the road and to reduce further damage.  Your Odenton car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle needs a body shop with high quality staff, materials and results. Give us a call and learn about how we can help to make the process smoother.  We start with a Free Estimate 410 987 9493... read more

Auto Body Shop Odenton MD – Repairs

Holiday season is here and less daylight can mean an accident with deer or other animals.  You could be in need of auto body shop repairs for Odenton car and trucks, we can help.  Whether you are driving a classic, a new model or anything in between nobody want to be in an accident.  But if you are you want the best value for your auto body repairs.  We can bring our experience, staff, equipment and personal service to your Odenton auto body needs. Being an auto body shop that has seen plenty of Odenton cars after deer collisions we have the experience to smooth out your needs.  We know the feeling of shock after a collision and the issues of dealing with an insurance company as well.  Deer can create a tremendous amount of damage in an instant.  Our decades of experience in the auto body shop services for Odenton allows us to deliver high value results.  Services like paint, scratches, electrical, headlights, tail lights, and even interior lights are all important to getting your car or light truck back in a short time and in great shape.  Being I-CAR trained and working in the industry for such a long time we have honed our body shop services to be environmentally friendly as well as fast and accurate.  From bumper to bumper your car can be damaged after an accident with another car, a deer or slipping off the road.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate and we’ll start the process of trusted auto body repairs Odenton cars.... read more

Body Shop Repair Odenton – Not Duct Tape and Bungee Cords

After an accident you will be looking for body shop repairs in Odenton Maryland.  Some have tried to “bandage” a vehicle after an accident with home made repairs like duct tape and bungee cords.  This a not a safe auto body repair and can cause more damage, be a safety issue and get you pulled over.  Trying to save money and put off repairs is not helpful in the end.  When loose car parts are “strapped” on often parts will come loose like a single screw.  That single screw or bolt can come loose and puncture your own tire or another driver right here in the Odenton Maryland area. We all want to be responsible car owners and Odenton Community members.  We also want to avoid being pulled over by the police or damaging anyone else.  Quality, trusted auto body repairs for Odenton come with a free estimate and our decades of experience.   410-987-9493 Help yourself with auto body repairs as soon as possible after a car accident in Odenton.  We can help with trusted, quality repairs.  Perhaps it is a front or back bumper that needs replaced or perhaps it is a little more involved but getting proper repairs helps everyone.  You can save money with gas mileage and keeping things simple. When car parts come loose at highway speeds, hit the ground and then bounce back up into the car any number of car parts can be damaged.  Being responsible as a driver in Odenton is a good thing for the driver and everyone else. We can bring our I-CAR trained technicians, decades of experience and... read more

Odenton Auto Body Shops Car Painting

One of the most common repairs needed from an Odenton auto body shop is car painting.  We have been painting cars for decades and have continuously improved our painting and finish processes.  Times have changed and so have automotive materials, paints and techniques.  With new materials there is often a need for new processes.  From the first preparation to the final coat it is important to know your materials, paint and auto body equipment. Auto Body Shop for Odenton Drivers New Environmentally responsible materials, equipment, finishes and paint can make marked improvements on the final product and help our local environment.  We strive to use the best materials to bring you superior results with auto body shop work for Odenton cars, trucks, vans, SUV and all your vehicles.  From brand new models to trusted classics, muscle cars, hot rods and your “baby.”  We are locally owned and operated and we know the importance of great results to make a life long impression.  If you’ve had an accident, fender bender, deer collision or a full car collision in Odenton MD give us a call for all your auto body shop repairs.  Let’s get that Odenton car painted started with a Free Estimate.... read more

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