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Odenton auto body repairs can be convenient and come with experience.  We know you have a choice where you want to have your car repaired after a collision. We bring our decades of experience in working with car insurance companies to bring you dependable results in all your Odenton auto body repair needs.  We’ll be bringing you some typical body work on a regular basis to help you understand the quality and services of our body shop. Our processes will streamline the steps for you with easy scheduling, dealing with the insurance company for you and providing body work at high standards.  Lets get started with a Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Odenton vehicle. Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

Odenton Body Shop Chevy Millersville

Body shop work for Odenton and Millersville regularly includes Chevy makes and models. We service makes and models that range widely.  Our experience in auto body includes Chevrolet to provide the higher value in repairs.  After an accident in Odenton or Millersville we are a convenient and high quality solution.  Our industry connections allows us to move quickly and get repairs done with long term results. Our ongoing training in the body repair field means that we can solve many issues which would have been thought impossible previously.  More innovative auto body work means more quality for your car or truck.  It also means that repairs can be made quickly without sacrificing that quality. Our Experience with insurance companies also means that you get the top results.  You’ve paid into your automotive insurance, you deserve coverage with quality.  We’ve been working with auto insurers and know the process for success.  Chevy auto body work will range widely as the manufacturer has been around for decades, actually more than a century, dating back to 1911 in Detroit Michigan.  With model ranging you want someone with proven result for models like; Camaro, Corvette, Cruze, Impala, Tahoe, Malibu, Suburban, Spark, Colorado, Traverse, Silverado, Trax, Sonic, Volt, the line of Silverados and many more. No matter your make and model allow our 5 star reviews and award winning auto body services for Odenton and Millersville, Maryland to bring you amazing results.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate... read more

Odenton Auto Body Millersville Toyota

Toyota auto body repairs in Odenton and Millersville MD are quite common.  That’s no surprise since Toyota is a very popular car manufacturer.  With models ranging from the popular corolla, camary and RVA4 to the more unique Land Cruiser, Prius and Yaris.  We have decades of experience bringing trusted body work to the line of Toyota for drivers in Odenton, Millersville, Severn and all across central Maryland.   Matching color, finish and the fine details for the Toyota and all vehicles sets us apart and means higher quality in our auto body repairs. Toyota bumpers, panels, glass, electronics and alignments are important parts to check after an accident or minor collision.  We all want the quality for our insurance dollars and we provide that first hand.  No matter the make or model, a vehicle that runs great and looks great after body repairs for Odenton drivers is important to us.  We have built a great reputation for trusted auto body work and we look to continue. 5 Star reviews are nice and impressive but the word of mouth is still the most powerful guide.  When friends and family recommend us we are very thankful.  Winning awards for auto body work in Odenton, Severn, Millersville and all West County is nice but so are hand written thank you notes from decades gone by.  If you can remember hand written “Thank You” notes for a job well done then you know exactly the feeling we are talking about. We offer auto body for Toyota, foreign and domestic makes and models.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate and experience the high... read more

Lexus Auto Body Odenton, MD

As a trusted auto body shop we often get Lexus cars from Odenton, MD.  Wanting a higher level of value of body work after an accident is a good thing.  We all want to make the most of our investments and our car is no different.  It is a large investment and it often makes a first impression.  Having that first impression be a great paint job is a nice start.  If you use your car for work or play people will see your car and know that you pay attention to detail.   Paying attention to details is vastly important to our auto body tech too.  Odenton has many great places to enjoy, play and work.  We know them first hand.  Give us a call and get to know us so you’re ready when it’s time for a little body work for paint, primer, finish or other Odenton body work needs.  An alignment is often a great way to bring a car or truck back into “true” after an accident.  Our laser precision, computerized equipment can bring amazing results. We also care about the body work for Odenton because of the environment.  Paints and materials needed for great results can also be environmentally responsible.  Treating our areas well means good options for us and the next generation.  Keeping cars on the road longer, running cleaner and looking great helps everyone in the Odenton area.  Give us a call when you are ready for trusted, personal auto body work.  Get started with our offer of a Free Estimate on your Odenton car’s body work. (410)... read more

Auto Body Repairs Odenton Millersville

This week we have seen many auto body repairs for Odenton and Millersville vehicles.  Odenton has many great areas, places to eat, work and play.  Unfortunately this also means more traffic and occasionally an accident happens.  If you’ve had an accident we can help with body work that comes from award winning “Best of West County.”  We also bring decades of experience for your auto body work after an accident. Odenton Auto Body – Fluids Unfortunately we’ve all seen fluids on the road after an accident in Odenton, Millersville and Severn Maryland.  We also occasionally see leaks shortly after the fact.  It’s best to get your car looked at after an accident.  We offer Free Estimates at 410-987-9493.  We always feel for the person who has had an accident and then shortly after realize that the “fender bender” was worse than first thought.  Fluids are often a telling sign.  If you have liquids dripping or pooling where you park chances are that you may need some repairs.   Automotive fluids are designed to work very well in a wide range of temperatures.  However a lot of damage can occur in a short amount of time when they have leaked out.  You might notice a dashboard warning or emergency light in newer Odenton or Millersville vehicles.  Older cars and trucks may be a bit harder to notice, as dashboard lights like “Check Engine” have improved quite abit over the years.  Don’t ignore leaks or lights after even the most minor car accident. We can help with all your auto body repairs in Odenton an Millersville Maryland.  Give us a call for... read more

Odenton Auto Body Millersville

Auto Body repairs after an accident in Odenton at this time of year can help to make the summer great.  Don’t put off auto body repairs after an accident.  Early summer can make for a busy time.  It’s easy to put off repairs for another day.  The downside to this is the ongoing damage that often occurs after an accident is costly.  When parts are loosened in an accident they can continue to weaken and effect other car parts if not repaired properly.  A simple fix to a bumper, electronics, lights, hood, trunk, door, window or windshield can turn into more costly results when neglected. Perhaps the worst of this is the case of an accident before a long vacation.  Putting that same car or truck on the road for a long road trip can mean driving in worse conditions like rain or high water.  This combined with high winds of a storm or the higher speeds of highway travel often reaches a breaking point for the weakened car parts.  A long trip with a car out of alignment will mean a “pulling” steering wheel and tire wear that is not needed.  No one wants a breakdown on the road or worse yet on vacation.  Having a lost day or days during vacation is a high price to pay. Getting auto body repairs shortly after an accident is often a money saving move in Odenton and Millersville, MD.  We encourage everyone to save money and get the most from their repairs with quality and value.  Using environmentally responsible techniques and materials can help not only the short term community... read more

Odenton Auto Body Shop Millersville Best of West County

Accidents in Odenton and Millersville tend to go up in the bad weather and our auto body shop can provide stellar results.  Heavy rains in the spring and summer means more slick roads.  You can help to avoid these accidents with attentive driving and a car in good driving condition.  One of the many conditions that contributes to accidents is worn tires.  Tires without enough tread have a tough time gripping the road and shedding the water.  Instead they are easily hydroplaning and loosing control. Best of West County Auto Body Shop 2019 Thankfully most accidents are minor and can be repaired easily.  We have the decades of experience with accidents in Odenton for our auto body shop services.  Millersville also see these accidents with heavy traffic and higher speeds on route 97, route 32 and many others.  Be careful this spring and summer, avoid driving in the bad weather and shortly afterwards when roads are wet and slick. Even the best drivers sometimes get in an accident. When that happens and work is needed after an Odenton or Millersville accident we would be glad to help.  Bringing 5 star reviews and award winning body work we can prepare, paint and finish your car, truck, SUV, van, foreign and domestic vehicles of nearly every make and model.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate on auto body shop repairs for Odenton and Millersville MD. Thanks to everyone who voted for the Best of West County 2019 – Our second year in a... read more

Auto Body Odenton to Millersville MD

Spring is trending early towards summer this year and auto body shops in Odenton and Millersville, MD are helping.  Car painting is a common service / repair we are seeing this year.  Paint and protective finish is a great way to keep your investment looking and performing great.  You might not think of paint and finish coats as a protection but they are.  The weather elements can damage a car, truck, SUV, Van or other vehicle with corrosion from rain, snow, ice, sun, sleet and wind.  Paint and body work have been engineered to provide an initial barrier between the elements and some of the more delicate parts of a vehicle.  We all know that electronics and water don’t mix.  Your car’s electronics are protected by several levels and the finish, paint and body of the car are just the beginning.  If you are having issues with your car’s paint or finish give us a call for a free estimate on body work in Odenton and Millersville 410-987-9493 Car alignments in Odenton and Millersville auto body shops are helpful this time of year.  When a steering wheel is pulling the vehicle out of the lane it is annoying to say the least.  Driving in traffic around Odenton and in Millersville often means traffic jams.  Daily commutes and errand running can be trying enough.  Having a car which pulls to one direction or another is taxing and can be avoided. Alignments are often thought of after an accident, or impact in the road with something like a pot hole.  You may also think of an alignment when you notice your... read more

Odenton Auto Body Millersville Travel Memorial Day

Auto body repairs in Odenton and Millersville are a good idea before travel this summer.  With Memorial Day coming this Monday more people will be traveling on the roads.  Some will be starting vacations and others will be visiting friends and family.  No matter your reason for travel be safe and look your best with auto body repairs like bumpers, head light and tail light replacements, paint and windows in Odenton, Maryland. Especially important is the first impression made with meeting new people.  You want to look your best and your vehicle is a large part of that impression.  More over when a vehicle is used for business it says a lot about a vehicle, person and business when a car, truck, SUV, van or other automobile has a dent, scratch or worse a “hanging bumper.”  Instill confidence with a great looking vehicle and show up organized to the meeting.  When a car needs auto body work in Odenton, even after a minor accident with damage to the bumper, paint, hood, lights or trunk it makes an impression.  You want to show your organized and well disciplined attention to detail. We make the same great impression with trusted results for years in auto body work.  Award winning and 5 Star reviews doesn’t come by accident, it comes by hard work and personal service.  Being a local auto repair shop for Odenton and Millersville as well as Severn, Maryland we local area.  We can deal with your insurance agent and make the process a little bit easier for you.  You should know you have a choice when it comes to... read more

Auto Body Shop Odenton Vacation Millersville

Many people are getting ready for vacations from Odenton to Millersville auto body shops are busy with great looking cars.  If you are thinking of going on vacation it’s important to get the repairs needed before the trip.  A car which needs body work may have only minor “looking” damage but driving with a “hanging” part can make for real damage.  Highway speeds, winds, weather and bumps in the road can case a minor repair become a major cost.  Be Safe and enjoy your drive, vacation and loved ones. Being a local auto body shop serving drivers all across central Maryland towns like Severn, Millersville and Odenton.  We want the best for our customers because they are also our friends, neighbors and we share the community.  When a bumper, door, hood or piece of wiring is hanging, dangling or bouncing after an accident in Odenton it can come loose.  When that car part or piece starts to work free it often bangs against the rest of the vehicle. That causes damage to the car paint and even underlying material making for a more expensive repair to a part of the car which was not initially involved in the accident.  Eventually those loose parts will fall off. During that moment they can easily pull wiring out and cause electrical damage to your own car.  Have the peace of mind that comes with a great car.   Perhaps those loose auto body parts will fall off and impact another driver in our local community.  We talk about community involvement and we take it quite seriously.  If that part comes off a... read more

Odenton & Millersville Auto Body Shop – Rain

Showers and thunderstorms have accidents and auto body repairs on the rise in Odenton and Millersville, MD.  Being a local body shop with families and lifelong friends in the area and loyal customers we see some things that may help.  When a car comes into the shop from an accident in Odenton, Millersville or other local towns like Severn we see many similarities.  Often the tires are worn and the ability to grip the road in the wet conditions of Spring and early Summer is lacking. We can help with tires and we certainly would enjoying seeing you to put on a set of tires and an alignment rather than after an accident.  However if an accident does occur we are ready to help.  We can bring our decades of experience to your repair needs.  Award winning results and Great Google reviews are earned after years of training and building a great reputation.  An alignment can ont only help you to control your vehicle but it can also save money.  Longer tire life is a reality with precision alignments.  When a car is out of alignment tires wear quicker and become less effective.  Perhaps the most annoying part of a car out of alignment in Odenton or Millersville is the pull of the steering wheel on your hands and arms.  Driving for errands and the daily commute is taxing enough.  There is no need to make it worse with a car that has a bad alignment. Enjoy the spring and early summer with a car which is running and looking great.  If you are looking for a trusted auto... read more

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