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Odenton auto body repairs can be convenient and come with experience.  We know you have a choice where you want to have your car repaired after a collision. We bring our decades of experience in working with car insurance companies to bring you dependable results in all your Odenton auto body repair needs.  We’ll be bringing you some typical body work on a regular basis to help you understand the quality and services of our body shop. Our processes will streamline the steps for you with easy scheduling, dealing with the insurance company for you and providing body work at high standards.  Lets get started with a Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Odenton vehicle. Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

Body Shop Repair Odenton – Not Duct Tape and Bungee Cords

After an accident you will be looking for body shop repairs in Odenton Maryland.  Some have tried to “bandage” a vehicle after an accident with home made repairs like duct tape and bungee cords.  This a not a safe auto body repair and can cause more damage, be a safety issue and get you pulled over.  Trying to save money and put off repairs is not helpful in the end.  When loose car parts are “strapped” on often parts will come loose like a single screw.  That single screw or bolt can come loose and puncture your own tire or another driver right here in the Odenton Maryland area. We all want to be responsible car owners and Odenton Community members.  We also want to avoid being pulled over by the police or damaging anyone else.  Quality, trusted auto body repairs for Odenton come with a free estimate and our decades of experience.   410-987-9493 Help yourself with auto body repairs as soon as possible after a car accident in Odenton.  We can help with trusted, quality repairs.  Perhaps it is a front or back bumper that needs replaced or perhaps it is a little more involved but getting proper repairs helps everyone.  You can save money with gas mileage and keeping things simple. When car parts come loose at highway speeds, hit the ground and then bounce back up into the car any number of car parts can be damaged.  Being responsible as a driver in Odenton is a good thing for the driver and everyone else. We can bring our I-CAR trained technicians, decades of experience and... read more

Odenton Auto Body Shops Car Painting

One of the most common repairs needed from an Odenton auto body shop is car painting.  We have been painting cars for decades and have continuously improved our painting and finish processes.  Times have changed and so have automotive materials, paints and techniques.  With new materials there is often a need for new processes.  From the first preparation to the final coat it is important to know your materials, paint and auto body equipment. Auto Body Shop for Odenton Drivers New Environmentally responsible materials, equipment, finishes and paint can make marked improvements on the final product and help our local environment.  We strive to use the best materials to bring you superior results with auto body shop work for Odenton cars, trucks, vans, SUV and all your vehicles.  From brand new models to trusted classics, muscle cars, hot rods and your “baby.”  We are locally owned and operated and we know the importance of great results to make a life long impression.  If you’ve had an accident, fender bender, deer collision or a full car collision in Odenton MD give us a call for all your auto body shop repairs.  Let’s get that Odenton car painted started with a Free Estimate.... read more

Body Shop Odenton Loose Car Parts

You may have driven around Odenton and noticed a vehicle with a loose bumper, hood or other car part.  Our Body shop can help with  those loose auto body parts.  It is tempting to skip a repair and put it off for later.  However, when that minor accident or fender bender has loosened any of your car’s body work it can lead to more, costly damage, worse gas mileage, getting a ticket and even hurting someone. Odenton body shop work can help to get those loose pieces and parts back in place securely.  A bumper is there to look great, help your gas economy and help with safety.  When it is flapping in the wind it is impacting the surrounding car parts which will then need replaced or repairs with prep, body work paint and final coat finish.  Many of those extra repairs and costs can be avoided when coming in as soon as possible after an impact, accident or bump.  We have the experience to work with your car insurance company and get real results.  Decades of experience with auto body work for Odenton vehicles after an accident, I-CAR training and ongoing investment into our environmentally conscious equipment and paints means that we can bring you awesome results with personal service. If you have an Odenton car, truck, van SUV or other vehicle and need a little body work to get those parts “tightened” back up and into place give us a call for award winning body shop results in Odenton. You can drive a little safer, get better gas mileage, save money with simple repairs and avoid... read more

Body Shop Odenton for Holiday Travel

When the holidays are here and travel is happening you want a good looking vehicle that is dependable in Odenton Maryland.  We can help with all the auto body repairs you need to look great once again.  The holidays are filed with family and friends gathering.  Sometimes that can be a hectic pace and occasionally accidents happen.  Providing preventative body shop repairs like cracked and broken glass, windows that won’t reliably roll up and down can help to make that “trip to grandma’s” a bit more enjoyable.  When windows are broken and “tricky” well meaning passengers will often roll down a window only to find out that they cannot get it back up again.  This makes for a long cold ride.  The temperatures in November and December and January 1st are often below freezing in Odenton Maryland.  If your car window is stuck down then it makes for a rough ride for everyone and can even be embarrassing.  We can help with all your auto body repairs for your Odenton vehicles. The Holiday travels for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and many other holidays around this season can be very enjoyable.  We make memories this time of year that can last a lifetime.  We get to see friends and family that often, only happens once or twice a year.  If you have any questions, needs or doubts in your vehicle’s ability to safely get to the parties and back to Odenton Maryland give us a call and we’ll bring you excellent personal service for all your Auto Body Shop repairs in Odenton, MD.  Let’s Begin with a Free Estimate:... read more

21113 Odenton Auto Body Shop

The 21113 zip code has a lot of great cars and we’ve helped with a lot of auto body repairs.  Deer collisions are plentiful in Odenton and our I-CAR trained techs have solved many of the complicated issues that come from a deer impact.  This time of year leaves are falling and that can mean roads covered with slick wet leaves.  Loss of traction with a little rain can also make it hard to avoid deer in the road.  With less daylight we all are driving more in the darker hours.  We can provide you the tires, the body work, including the prep, primer, paint and final coat for your Odenton car and Body Repairs. We can help with simple fixes to minor collisions with a fender, bumper or other car part.  We can also help with major collisions after an accident.  We know how to get a high value from your insurance and can help reduce the process to a simpler solution.  We share the same Odenton roads as you do with your family.  Running kids to school, sports, hobbies and visiting friends and family.   If you are looking for a trusted, quality auto body shop “near me” in the Odenton area we can be your solution.  From scratches, dents and replacements our processes are environmentally responsible and improving as new techniques and materials are available. Bumper to Bumper is the auto body shop services you are looking for and we can follow through with those repairs.  Our experience and training help to bring you superior results after an accident.  If it’s a deer, another car or sliding... read more

Bumper Odenton Body Shop Repairs

If your Odenton car has need for a little body shop repairs we can help.  Often the car or truck’s bumper is the first thing damaged in an impact.  Impacts with other vehicles or even sliding off the road can scratch, dent or even remove your vehicle’s bumper.  With today’s car being more complex and computerized can than ever, your bumper plays an important part in aerodynamics, gas mileage and safety. Sensors “in” your bumper can help to detect an accident and set off your airbag.  Your bumper itself can take some of the energy from an impact.  Keeping your car looking good it not the bumpers only job.  If you’ve had an impact which has caused an issue with your bumper give us a call or stop by.  We offer free estimates on body shop work and we can help with I-CAR trained technicians. We have ongoing training and re-investment into body shop materials, equipment and computer analysis to serve you with precision and personal service.  Let our decades of experience go to work for your needed repairs.   From the estimate and working with the insurance company to the body work prep, paint and final coat we are ready to make your Odenton, Maryland car work for you once... read more

Auto Body Shop Odenton Deer Collisions

Fall is a great time of year for driving and seeing the season change in Odenton.  Our auto body shop gets its share of vehicles coming in after a deer collision.  We can work with your insurance company to get the most out of your coverage.  Any collision with an animal on our Odenton roads can be scary, but deer specially.  Deer can cause considerable damage so being extra attentive at first and last light can be helpful to avoid collisions. We can help with all your car repairs after a collision.  Often the bumper is impacted along with the fender and hood.  Depending on the size of the vehicle the windshield can become damaged.  All your glass, windows and windshield are important to keep in great working condition.  They are an important part of keeping you and your family safe.  Deer often damage glass during a collision on our roads running throughout Odenton Maryland. With decades of experience, our personal service and ongoing training in the latest of environmentally techniques and materials we can bring trusted, high quality auto body shop repairs in Odenton and all the local areas of central Maryland. Give us a call for a free auto body shop repair estimate.... read more

Car Body Work in Odenton Cool Weather

Odenton auto body repairs are effected by cooler weather.  As the temperatures drop in Odenton roads get slicker with leaves, rain and eventually snow.  Daylight is shorter and less light can mean tougher driving conditions.  If you have put off any auto body repairs needed for your Odenton vehicle consider getting it in for repairs now.  As temperatures drop and less sunlight exposed metals and electrical wiring can be damaged over time.  Wintry road mix splashes up and onto exposed damages and can speed up that corrosion. Nobody wants lights to quit working or worse dashboard warning or emergency lights coming on due to the electrical system encountering liquids.  Colder weather means that temperature swing can be greater as the car gets warm from running, then cooling overnight.  Expansion and contraction of your car parts can cause cracks in windows and that can lead to more costly repairs.  Be safer and smart with quality auto body work as soon as possible after a fender bender or more involved accident.  We can help with all your auto body repairs in Odenton.  Get your Free Estimate to start off the relationship the right way.  We are locally owned and operated and we know the importance of being a good neighborhood friend.  Being part of the community in central Maryland means we share the same stop lights, same highways and many of the same friends.  We look forward to helping with all your auto body needs and forging new friends and relationships.  Give us a call for that Free Estimate:... read more

Odenton Body Work Shop

If you are having issues in Odenton and need body work after an accident, fender bender or scratch give us a call or stop by the shop.  We have decades of experience working with your car and insurance companies.  Experience matters and brings great results.  Choosing the right materials, paint and finish for the job is important to getting real world results.  We have chosen great quality materials which also work well with the environment.  Being responsible to the community comes easily since we are locally owned and operated.  We live, shop and visit the same places and roads that you do in Odenton, Maryland. After an accident or collision of any type it can be stressful and feel rushed.  We have been working with Odenton cars in need of a body shop and we can help you through the process.  We’re ready to listen and help make the process as painless with the least stress we can.  Our staff from the first phone call and Free Estimate to the preparation, paint and final finish coat can work with you through the process.  If you have a simple or a complex issue with wiring, alignment, glass, windows, bumpers and paint we’re I-CAR trained and ready to bring great results to your needs.  A good body shop for Odenton body work needs to be easy to work with and ready to listen.  We’re here and know the stress of an accident, our families live here too.  Give us a call for all your body shop needs in Odenton,... read more

Auto Body Shop Odenton Lights

Headlights and Tail lights are common auto body shop repairs in Odenton, MD.  When accidents happen lighting components are often broken.  From cracked lenses, blown fuses to electrical wiring issues lights are often damaged.  Being able to properly analyze the root cause of headlight, tail and other vehicle lights issues is an important part of getting proper body work repairs for Odenton vehicles. Electrical issues need an experience and trained technician to find and fix after an accident.  Wires, fuses and other electrical components which can be damaged in an accident need to be repaired or completely replaced properly to ensure long term functionality.  We can bring our decades of locally owned and operated body shop experience to your needs after a collision in Odenton, MD.  We reinvest in ongoing training to stay up to date on the newest vehicles and technology.  At the same time we reinvest in the latest computerized technology for diagnosis to work with today’s highly computerized vehicles. After an accident you deserve a body shop which can work with you and has the experience to deal with your insurance company.  We are happy to help with all your Odenton body shop needs.  We’ll get started with a Free Estimate: (410)... read more

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