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Odenton auto body repairs can be convenient and come with experience.  We know you have a choice where you want to have your car repaired after a collision. We bring our decades of experience in working with car insurance companies to bring you dependable results in all your Odenton auto body repair needs.  We’ll be bringing you some typical body work on a regular basis to help you understand the quality and services of our body shop. Our processes will streamline the steps for you with easy scheduling, dealing with the insurance company for you and providing body work at high standards.  Lets get started with a Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Odenton vehicle. Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

Millersville Auto Body Odenton Maryland

We service central Maryland with auto body repairs with high quality results.  This week we look into the towns of Millersville and Odenton Maryland.  With more sunlight comes more activities.  We are driving more this time of year.  With great spring temperatures there is a lot of driving, road trips and fun to be had.  However, when those fun times are interrupted by the need for a little car repair after an accident you can give us a call. Free Estimates are the standard here.  We know how important it is to be open and honest after an accident.  You don’t want any bait and switch, no low offer only to have things change in the middle.  You want someone to treat you fairly and bring their experience and quality to your car repairs after an accident. Service like car painting is commonly thought of after an accident.  But with our auto body shop Odenton experience we know it’s much more than paint.  We can work with your auto insurance to help smooth out the process and less hassle for you.  Our auto body staff including I-CAR trained techs and the personal professional service will communicate with you so you can understand what is going on what to expect. Bumpers are also a common auto body repair after an accident in Odenton and Millersville, MD.  Bumpers help to protect but they also may need repaired or replaced after a fender bender, minor collision or full collision.  Bumpers have been created with a wide variety of materials since automobiles began.  We quickly saw the importance and technology has changed over... read more

Millersville Odenton Auto Body

Odenton to Millersville Maryland has spring colors and scents.  Auto Body shops are helping with things like paint and final coats to keep your car protected as spring showers and pollen fills the air.  Alignments help to keep road trips more enjoyable instead of “fighting” the steering wheel and ruining tires prematurely.  Save your money. An air filter change can help to reduce the pollen, mold and mildew of spring in Odenton and Millersville.  If you have allergies or other annoying symptoms of spring an air filter may be a way to reduce your intake of those irritants.  Breathing cleaner air for your daily commute can help to make it more enjoyable.  A great looking paint job can help to protect your car. Auto Body Millersville Odenton Enjoy spring and enjoy clean air with a new air filter and a great looking car, truck SUV or other vehicle driving around Millersville and Odenton, Maryland.   If you have an accident or just a fender bender and need a little more help with your car repairs give us a call.  We have the experienced staff to make your repairs smooth out.  We’ve been dealing with car insurance companies for a long time.  We know the “ins and outs” of auto body repairs after an accident, we’ll get you started with a Free Estimate at... read more

Millersville to Odenton Auto Body Shop Repairs

We cover a large area of central Maryland with award winning auto body shop repairs.  Towns like Millersville, Odenton and Severn are quite common for cars to come rolling in after an accident.  Our Decades of trusted body work allows us to offer Free Estimates and personal, 5 star reviews style service.  Our personal attention and clear communication allows you to have a smoother process on repairs.  We have the experience dealing with your car insurance company too.  This allows us to solve many issues that would be near impossible otherwise.     Being a local body shop we honor the local environment and have refined our process improvements to work with extremely “green friendly” materials and techniques.   Tail lights and headlights are common repairs needed after an impact.  These and other electronic components are vital to getting back on the road.  You want your family to be safe, driving with the lights able to illuminate the road ahead and communicate to all other drivers.  Course none of us want a ticket, or to be pulled over for a light being “out.”   This level of inconvenience can be avoided with quality auto body work and trusted repairs.     A little paint may also be needed after an Odenton incident.  Many cars and trucks are large and even a low speed collision can make for a rather important need for repairs.  With more and more of your vehicle’s systems being connected to electronics and computerized it’s important to go with an auto body shop from Millersville to Odenton that can bring the service your deserve.  Doors, good and... read more

Auto Body Odenton Spring Millersville

Odenton is experiencing the Spring season, we can bring you proven results in auto body work to look great all spring.  With travel and fun in the warm weather you may find yourself with a dent, scratch or bumper damage on your Odenton car or truck.  We’ve been helping Odenton drivers to look great and keep the value of their vehicles for decades.  When a fender bender of a full collision occurs it’s important to get that auto body work done in a timely manner.  Putting off repairs can lead to more damage.  What may be driveable can lead to larger issue with today’s electronics, sensors and computers in cars.     Car Painting is an important part of your car’s protection.  Keeping a great look is an added bonus.  Our environmentally responsible techniques will not only help you look great but it will help the local community.  Our I-CAR trained auto body technicians will bring their skills to your vehicle.  Preparation is an important part of all things that are successful.  Auto body repairs for Odenton cars is no different.  The preparation of the vehicle is integral to getting long lasting, great looking results.  Allow our decades of experience in dealing with auto insurance companies be put to work for you.  We’ll get rolling with a Free Estimate for all your Odenton Auto Body needs. 410 987... read more

Body Work Odenton Fender Bender

Auto body shops and fender benders in Odenton, Maryland can work out the repairs.  With the spring warm weather and more sunlight everyday traffic is up.  Spring trips and enjoying friends means more time in the car and on the road. Fender benders can occur.  Even the best defensive drivers can be hit by a well meaning, inexperienced driver.  Usually these low speed Odenton fender benders can be fixed with trusted auto body shops.  We have solved the complex problems that sometimes come after an accident in Odenton. Often bumpers, lights, prep, prime, paint and a little body work is all that is needed.  We also bring the convenience of dealing with your insurance company.  Our decades of experience in auto body work means that we bring personal service that has been refined and improved every year.  Winning awards and carrying through the work that brings in 5 star reviews shows our commitment to personal, professional auto body repairs. A fender bender / accident at low speed can include the need for electronic repairs.  Today’s Odenton cars are more “wired” than ever.  Being compatible with many mobile devices, charging, apps and even cameras it can become complex.  Only a few decades ago cars were much more simple with the ability for many people to solve many issues on their own.  Today the electronics, computerized parts, sensors and wiring can make it “impossible” for a car or truck owner to repair their own vehicle with confidence.  Airbags, bumpers, sensors and environmental restrictions all need to be considered with even the slower speed fender benders.  Give us a call if your... read more

Odenton Body Shop Painting – Millersville

Great weather has people out and enjoying Odenton.  If your Odenton car has need of a little paint our body shop can help.  Scratches and dents can pile up and what was once a small nick can end up an eyesore over time.  Our I-CAR trained techs can paint your Odenton car and bring back a great look.  Not only will it look better but it will also help to protect against the elements with our Award Winning Auto Body Shop.  Save you money and look great with a little auto body work for your Odenton car or truck. Accidents happen from Severn to Millersville, to Gambrills to Odenton.  We’ve helped all these towns on a regular basis with auto body shop repairs.  We offer a Free Estimate, schedule an appointment and we’ll bring you in and get the process rolling. We have the experience with car insurance companies to make your process a little smoother.  We live right here and know how it feels to have been in an accident.  Locally owned and operated we treat you like family.  We’ve won the Best of the West County award and can bring that same level of work to your car, truck, SUV, van or other Odenton vehicle. Car painting amazing results comes from experience and proper training on the latest techniques and materials.  We keep training up to stay ahead of the tech curve and keep stunning results.  If you are looking for an experienced, trusted auto body shop for your Odenton car give us a call.  Paint, Body, scratches, dents, bumpers, lights and glass can all be remedied... read more

Odenton Auto Body Alignments – Millersville

If your Odenton auto body needs include an alignment we have the laser precision to solve your issue.  We invest in the latest technology to keep ahead of the curve.  Being a locally owned and operated auto body shop we feel it is important to be a responsible neighbor for Odenton auto body services. Car painting, scratch and dents repairs as well as bumper and car glass can all be a trusted Odenton car repairs.  We’ve helped car owners with award winning service for decades.  We use environmentally responsible techniques and materials to not only bring great paint and finishes but also for the environment.  Our families live here too and we care.  Being a family based business we know the strengths of trusting a local business.  Keeping money in our local economy can help everyone. Body shop services can last and last.  Good preparation work, priming, painting and finishes all combine to a great finished product.  If the winter weather has left your car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle with a scratch, dent or bumper ding give us a call or stop by for award winning auto body service for your Odenton vehicle. Free Estimate on Auto Body Repairs... read more

Odenton Cars Experience Award Winning Auto Body Shop Millersville, MD

Auto body repairs in Odenton can keep you looking great and more protected. If the winter weather pushed you off the road, left scratches from the snow shoveling or an accident we can help with a little body work. Winter weather causes a lot of accidents and we can help with I-CAR trained technicians. After a slide off the road damage can occur. It’s a good idea to get repairs done quickly after to avoid further damage. A simple inspection and minor repair usually will be all that’s needed. That small repair can turn into larger issues if left undone. Over time loose wires can wear and completely disconnect or worse overheat and cause more damage.   We’re a local auto body shop right around the corner of Odenton. That local connection means the body work you get done here helps the local economy. We shop at many of the same shops you do. We support the local economy. Environmentally conscious in all our processes and materials. If you are looking for a trusted auto body shop then give us a call or stop by our auto body shop for your Odenton, MD car.     Auto Body work including paint, glass, alignments, bumpers, dents and scratches can all be taken care of.  We have the time tested processes in place to get you up and running again.  Allow us to work with your car insurance company to get the great results from an award winning auto body shop from Odenton to Millersville, Maryland.  Free Estimates... read more

Accident Odenton Care Repair – Millersville

Accidents happen, and we can provide the award winning auto body repairs for your Odenton car.  When an accident happens on the way to work, to run errand or on travel it’s frustrating.  We know first hand because we’re local to you.  It happens to all of us, and accidents are often stressful.  Put our decades of experience to work after your Odenton car accident.  Our auto body staff can help from the very beginning with a Free Estimate 410 987 9493.  We have the I-CAR trained staff to not only repair your car or truck after an accident but also help with the personal service.  We know the strain of an accident and we can help by dealing with your car insurance company. You have the right to choose your auto body repair repair shop after an Odenton accident.  Steering you to a specific shop can get you cheap service that might not last as long as you want.  You want long lasting body work, glass repair, electronics replaced, paint, scratches and dents found and repaired.  When your bumper needs replaced you deserve great service.  Allow our award winning auto body shop fix your Odenton car or truck. With the snow and plows making potholes more numerous in Odenton and Millersville this time of year an alignment might be the right thing to save you money.  After an accident you might need a “frame” alignment as much as you need a wheel alignment.  No matter the type of alignment you need give us a call and experience the professional service that comes from an award winning auto body... read more

Odenton Car Auto Body Repairs – Millersville

High winds and winter weather have Odenton cars coming in for auto body repairs.  Between the snow plows, winter slush and pot holes we are seeing car find savings on body shop service.  Working with your car insurance is right up our alley.  We’ve been providing auto body services like body work on fenders, bumpers and car glass for decades.  Paint is one of the firs things that is noticed when a scratch or dent occurs.  Often underlying issues like wiring, electronics and alignments can be effected.     Our experience allows us to find those things that are important and get the most from your coverage.  Having your Odenton car fixed properly is important in the long run.  Nobody wants to find out when it’s too late that a repair was not found after an accident and that coverage no longer applies.  Everyone wants great coverage, service and final results.  We can help with all your auto body shop needs.  Our I-CAR trained technicians are studying throughout their career to stay ahead of the learning levels.   New technology, like hybrid cars are not a problem for our auto body shop repairs.  Your standard “grocery getter” and “errand runner” car is just as important as every other car as it services your family and needs around Odenton.  Give us a call, stop by or schedule your online appointment for a Free Estimate on award winning body work.   We service all of central Maryland in common local towns like Odenton and Millersville Maryland. Call today and get back your great looking car... read more

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"Courteous. Listens to the customer. Helpful advice on which service/s really need to be done. Great customer service."

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Great personalized service. I bought a used BMW which needed some level-setting to get it up to par. EAS created a list for me and we knocked it out in order of importance. My daughter uses this car in NY where she attends school and I won't trust anyone or any other shop to handle the maintenance.

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