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Odenton auto body repairs can be convenient and come with experience.  We know you have a choice where you want to have your car repaired after a collision. We bring our decades of experience in working with car insurance companies to bring you dependable results in all your Odenton auto body repair needs.  We’ll be bringing you some typical body work on a regular basis to help you understand the quality and services of our body shop. Our processes will streamline the steps for you with easy scheduling, dealing with the insurance company for you and providing body work at high standards.  Lets get started with a Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Odenton vehicle. Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

Body Shop Millersville, Odenton, Severn

The end of summer is here and the heat is finally easing up.  Auto body shops in Millersville, Odenton and Severn are seeing cars come in with need of a little body work.  Car painting is high on the list with the summer sun having damaged many cars and trucks.  Keeping your vehicle looking great says a lot about you, your family or the business you own or represent. We can help with all your car repair and body work in Millersville, Odenton, Severn and all AA County MD.   From simple paint needs to complete collision repairs after an accident we can provide outstanding results.  Higher quality and value in body work after an accident in towns like Millersville, Severn and Odenton is important to all of us.  We are locals and we know the importance of getting the most out of your coverage. Car insurance after an accident can be a learning experience.  We’ve been dealing with car insurance companies for decades and we know the ins and outs.  Give us a call and learn about how we can help with our decades of experience.  We use the environmentally responsible techniques, materials and equipment to help with our local environment.    Remember you don’t have to sacrifice quality and value. You have the right to choose your car repair / auto body shop after an accident, not your insurance company.  You have the right to choose. If you have had an accident or simply need a little car painting in Anne Arundel county give us a call.  We’re ready to help, starting with a Free Estimate at 410-987-9493... read more

Subaru Auto Body in Odenton, Millersville Shop

Odenton Auto Body services for Subaru models are ready to go.  Our Award Winning body shop can handle the repairs needed after a fender bender or major collision for your Subaru vehicle like the; Impreza, Forester, Outback, WRX, BRZ, Legacy, Ascent, Crosstrek, Hybrids and more models from the past.  We have the decades of experience to solve the complex repairs and body work after an accident.  Car paint matching for Subaru models is not a problem.  Our computerized paint system can match your paint and have you looking great once again.  Give us a call and learn about what you can expect with our I-CAR trained techs.  Get greater value than dealerships with Subaru Auto Body repairs. Odenton Subaru Auto Body Repairs You probably really enjoy driving your Subaru – and after an accident you want it repaired properly.  Our 5 star reviews help to tell the story behind our services.  Personal and Professional services will help to make your auto body repair go smoothly.  We can work with auto insurance companies to get the most for your coverage.  Decades of experience help to work with ongoing training in the latest materials and techniques for your Subaru.  We provide trusted auto body repairs for most all makes and models. Stop by and get to know us or give us a call and schedule an appointment for your Free Estimate at 410-987-9493.    ... read more

Odenton Auto Body Millersville Travel

Summer travel and a little Odenton auto body work can help make a vacation go a little smoother.  When body work is put off ad duct tape or bungee cords are relied on the vacation can be ruined with emergency repairs.  We’ve helped many with auto body while traveling through the Odenton, Millersville and Severn areas.  While we enjoy helping out it’s also nice to help prevent emergency repairs.  That’s why getting body work like paint, bumpers, glass, windows and alignments done before travel is a good thing.  If you are headed to the beach be sure to get your repairs done before traveling for a smoother trip. Odenton Auto Body Work Quality auto body work after an accident in Odenton, Millersville or Severn can help for the life of your car.  A small amount of work can help to secure bumpers, fenders, hoods and trunks.  Having a professional, trusted body shop secure your car after an accident can mean safer travel for you and the people around you.  Nobody wants a breakdown on a vacation.  Being responsible in the community of Odenton, Millersville and Severn helps us all. Paint not only helps a car look good be it also protects.  Odenton weather and sun can damage unprotected materials.  Car can rust quickly when moisture and/or road treatments get to exposed untreated metal.  Wires can corrode as well, and effect expensive and integral electronics.  Getting auto body like car paint work done can save a lot of money. Give us a call for all your auto body work for Odenton, Millersville, Severn and all of central Maryland.  Have a... read more

Ford Repairs Auto Body Odenton Millersville

Ford cars and trucks come through our auto body shop in Millersville from Odenton and other local towns.  Odenton has many great small businesses and services that require a vehicle to make the business run.  We also see several residents of Odenton with Ford vehicles that need a little auto body work after an accident or simply sliding off the road. Ford, a domestic car manufacturer creates work vehicles that keep the rest of us running.  Construction sites will occasionally create conditions where a vehicle can easily be damaged.  While this damaged Ford truck may function properly the dented, scratched or hanging bumper give a bad first impression to new potential customers.  A clean, company vehicle creates the right impression of an organized, professional company.   Ford trucks and cars have been around long enough to have worked out most of the major “kinks” in engineering.  Ford have models like; Focus, Mustang, Fiesta, F-150, Explorer, Ranger, Ecosport, Escape, Fusion, Expedition, Edge, Taurus and many more from the past and the newest in Hybrid technology.   We have the technology, training, equipment and experience to bring the high quality, auto body shop repairs for Odenton and Millersville. Give us a call or stop by and get to know us with a Free Estimate on your auto body needs for you make and model.   (410)... read more

Award winning Auto Body in Millersville Odenton

Award winning levels of work for the auto body field in Odenton and Millersville is quite competitive.  I-CAR trained technicians with decades of experience take pride in their work.  Impeccable color matching with computerized precision is a reality with our state of the art body shop or Odenton / Millersville.  Paint is not the only thing which has become computerized.  Alignments and other repairs are now analyzed and prepped with computer assistance.  Electronics after an accident can be tricky for the novice.  Our auto body techs are trained and experienced to bring electronics back to working order.   Our winning of the West County “Best Of – for 2019” is a testament to our techs attention to detail. Anne Arundel County Auto Body Odenton and Millersville We are thankful to all who voted and also to our auto body technicians and staff who take pride in our family owned and operated body shop.  For decades we’ve been building the trusted relationship that has helped us to expand numerous times.  Give us a call or stop by and experience the strengths that comes from a good working relationship.  Many repairs with many different makes and models means experience on both foreign and domestic makes and models.   Common autos like toyota, ford, chevy, lexus, nissan, honda and many exotics are ready for service with our experience.  Give us a call and get your free estimate on auto body repairs for Odenton, Millersville and beyond in AA County MD (410) 987-9493 Thank You For Voting!... read more

Body Work Odenton Millersville

The heat is here in Odenton and Millersville and our auto body shop is working.  The summer humidity and heat will test older car’s protective finish. Those same sun rays which are so fun at the beach – will also test the finish around an accident damaged area. After an accident it may be tempting to put off repairs.  Save your time and money and get quality repairs after an accident. But waiting usually leads to more damage and more costs.  The sun is beating down and often damages more of the car paint and materials when not protected.  We see this with headlights which can turn “fuzzy / hazy.”   Keep your headlights and car paint looking great. The same principles happens to an area of the car which has had the protective finish damaged after a fender bender or major collision.  Odenton cars needing auto body shop work come in regularly to get repairs done.  Replacing the protective coat is important to keeping your investment as long as possible. It also saves money in the long run.  When electronics are partially damaged and then left to the elements more damage occurs over time.  This damage can lead to more components.  What could have been a simple repair can turn into a damaged computerized part and become much more expensive. We look to bring you the highest value in repairs.  We also look for a long term relationship, bringing you trusted years of service when ever needed.  Our auto body shop is ready to help with 5 star review levels of service and award winning results. Give us a... read more

Odenton Body Shop Chevy Millersville

Body shop work for Odenton and Millersville regularly includes Chevy makes and models. We service makes and models that range widely.  Our experience in auto body includes Chevrolet to provide the higher value in repairs.  After an accident in Odenton or Millersville we are a convenient and high quality solution.  Our industry connections allows us to move quickly and get repairs done with long term results. Our ongoing training in the body repair field means that we can solve many issues which would have been thought impossible previously.  More innovative auto body work means more quality for your car or truck.  It also means that repairs can be made quickly without sacrificing that quality. Our Experience with insurance companies also means that you get the top results.  You’ve paid into your automotive insurance, you deserve coverage with quality.  We’ve been working with auto insurers and know the process for success.  Chevy auto body work will range widely as the manufacturer has been around for decades, actually more than a century, dating back to 1911 in Detroit Michigan.  With model ranging you want someone with proven result for models like; Camaro, Corvette, Cruze, Impala, Tahoe, Malibu, Suburban, Spark, Colorado, Traverse, Silverado, Trax, Sonic, Volt, the line of Silverados and many more. No matter your make and model allow our 5 star reviews and award winning auto body services for Odenton and Millersville, Maryland to bring you amazing results.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate... read more

Odenton Auto Body Millersville Toyota

Toyota auto body repairs in Odenton and Millersville MD are quite common.  That’s no surprise since Toyota is a very popular car manufacturer.  With models ranging from the popular corolla, camary and RVA4 to the more unique Land Cruiser, Prius and Yaris.  We have decades of experience bringing trusted body work to the line of Toyota for drivers in Odenton, Millersville, Severn and all across central Maryland.   Matching color, finish and the fine details for the Toyota and all vehicles sets us apart and means higher quality in our auto body repairs. Toyota bumpers, panels, glass, electronics and alignments are important parts to check after an accident or minor collision.  We all want the quality for our insurance dollars and we provide that first hand.  No matter the make or model, a vehicle that runs great and looks great after body repairs for Odenton drivers is important to us.  We have built a great reputation for trusted auto body work and we look to continue. 5 Star reviews are nice and impressive but the word of mouth is still the most powerful guide.  When friends and family recommend us we are very thankful.  Winning awards for auto body work in Odenton, Severn, Millersville and all West County is nice but so are hand written thank you notes from decades gone by.  If you can remember hand written “Thank You” notes for a job well done then you know exactly the feeling we are talking about. We offer auto body for Toyota, foreign and domestic makes and models.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate and experience the high... read more

Lexus Auto Body Odenton, MD

As a trusted auto body shop we often get Lexus cars from Odenton, MD.  Wanting a higher level of value of body work after an accident is a good thing.  We all want to make the most of our investments and our car is no different.  It is a large investment and it often makes a first impression.  Having that first impression be a great paint job is a nice start.  If you use your car for work or play people will see your car and know that you pay attention to detail.   Paying attention to details is vastly important to our auto body tech too.  Odenton has many great places to enjoy, play and work.  We know them first hand.  Give us a call and get to know us so you’re ready when it’s time for a little body work for paint, primer, finish or other Odenton body work needs.  An alignment is often a great way to bring a car or truck back into “true” after an accident.  Our laser precision, computerized equipment can bring amazing results. We also care about the body work for Odenton because of the environment.  Paints and materials needed for great results can also be environmentally responsible.  Treating our areas well means good options for us and the next generation.  Keeping cars on the road longer, running cleaner and looking great helps everyone in the Odenton area.  Give us a call when you are ready for trusted, personal auto body work.  Get started with our offer of a Free Estimate on your Odenton car’s body work. (410)... read more

Auto Body Repairs Odenton Millersville

This week we have seen many auto body repairs for Odenton and Millersville vehicles.  Odenton has many great areas, places to eat, work and play.  Unfortunately this also means more traffic and occasionally an accident happens.  If you’ve had an accident we can help with body work that comes from award winning “Best of West County.”  We also bring decades of experience for your auto body work after an accident. Odenton Auto Body – Fluids Unfortunately we’ve all seen fluids on the road after an accident in Odenton, Millersville and Severn Maryland.  We also occasionally see leaks shortly after the fact.  It’s best to get your car looked at after an accident.  We offer Free Estimates at 410-987-9493.  We always feel for the person who has had an accident and then shortly after realize that the “fender bender” was worse than first thought.  Fluids are often a telling sign.  If you have liquids dripping or pooling where you park chances are that you may need some repairs.   Automotive fluids are designed to work very well in a wide range of temperatures.  However a lot of damage can occur in a short amount of time when they have leaked out.  You might notice a dashboard warning or emergency light in newer Odenton or Millersville vehicles.  Older cars and trucks may be a bit harder to notice, as dashboard lights like “Check Engine” have improved quite abit over the years.  Don’t ignore leaks or lights after even the most minor car accident. We can help with all your auto body repairs in Odenton an Millersville Maryland.  Give us a call for... read more

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"Courteous. Listens to the customer. Helpful advice on which service/s really need to be done. Great customer service."

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Great personalized service. I bought a used BMW which needed some level-setting to get it up to par. EAS created a list for me and we knocked it out in order of importance. My daughter uses this car in NY where she attends school and I won't trust anyone or any other shop to handle the maintenance.

-Rosalind H.