Staying off the road in the snow is a great idea but if you find a need for Odenton auto body shop work we can help.  Snow fell all across Anne Arundel county including Millersville today.  If that snow plow or other driver nicked your Odenton car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle in this snow we can help.  Paint repair may be the first thing that noticed and needed.  When a snow plow drives snow off the road and into your vehicle it sometimes include rocks, pavement or other road debris.  Those pieces can damage your car’s paint and other protective coats.  If that’s the case give us a call for an appointment with a Free Estimate at 410-987-9493


Odenton Auto Body Services

Having body shop repairs done soon after an accident is a great idea for many reasons.  Less time for corrosion to damage pieces which can be saved rather than replaced.   This is especially true for rusting of metals and wiring / electrical issues.  Dealing with your insurance company promptly is also helpful in most cases.  Don’t delay after an accident and get your Odenton car repairs with more savings.

We can help with all types of automotive body repairs associated with your car after an accident in the snow or anytime of year.  Give us a call and see why we’ve won several awards including “best of the west” and so many 5 star reviews across the internet.  Let’s get started on you Odenton car’s auto body repairs today.