Spring is trending early towards summer this year and auto body shops in Odenton and Millersville, MD are helping.  Car painting is a common service / repair we are seeing this year.  Paint and protective finish is a great way to keep your investment looking and performing great.  You might not think of paint and finish coats as a protection but they are.  The weather elements can damage a car, truck, SUV, Van or other vehicle with corrosion from rain, snow, ice, sun, sleet and wind.  Paint and body work have been engineered to provide an initial barrier between the elements and some of the more delicate parts of a vehicle.  We all know that electronics and water don’t mix.  Your car’s electronics are protected by several levels and the finish, paint and body of the car are just the beginning.  If you are having issues with your car’s paint or finish give us a call for a free estimate on body work in Odenton and Millersville 410-987-9493

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Car alignments in Odenton and Millersville auto body shops are helpful this time of year.  When a steering wheel is pulling the vehicle out of the lane it is annoying to say the least.  Driving in traffic around Odenton and in Millersville often means traffic jams.  Daily commutes and errand running can be trying enough.  Having a car which pulls to one direction or another is taxing and can be avoided.

Alignments are often thought of after an accident, or impact in the road with something like a pot hole.  You may also think of an alignment when you notice your tires are wearing prematurely.  Costly tire replacement after a short amount of time can occur because a car is pulling to one side and the tread worn in one side area more than another because the car is out of alignment. We can help with precision alignments after an accident, pothole or even a simple brushing of the curb.  Give us a call for all your auto body shop needs in Odenton, Severn and Millersville MD. Free Estimates at 410-987-9493.