The 21113 zip code has a lot of great cars and we’ve helped with a lot of auto body repairs.  Deer collisions are plentiful in Odenton and our I-CAR trained techs have solved many of the complicated issues that come from a deer impact.  This time of year leaves are falling and that can mean roads covered with slick wet leaves.  Loss of traction with a little rain can also make it hard to avoid deer in the road.  With less daylight we all are driving more in the darker hours.  We can provide you the tires, the body work, including the prep, primer, paint and final coat for your Odenton car and Body Repairs.

We can help with simple fixes to minor collisions with a fender, bumper or other car part.  We can also help with major collisions after an accident.  We know how to get a high value from your insurance and can help reduce the process to a simpler solution.  We share the same Odenton roads as you do with your family.  Running kids to school, sports, hobbies and visiting friends and family.   If you are looking for a trusted, quality auto body shop “near me” in the Odenton area we can be your solution.  From scratches, dents and replacements our processes are environmentally responsible and improving as new techniques and materials are available.

Auto Body Shop Odenton 21113

Bumper to Bumper is the auto body shop services you are looking for and we can follow through with those repairs.  Our experience and training help to bring you superior results after an accident.  If it’s a deer, another car or sliding off the road in the wet leaves, rain or snow and sleet over the winter our auto body shop will help with all your Odenton needs.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate right away and get the process rolling. 410-987-9493